7 Exercises for better sex life

You cannot compromise with a less when it comes to your physical needs. You always think of spicing up your sex life. But unfortunately as the years pass by, our body involuntarily face changes in sexuality department. There are many things to jazz up your sex life. After trying foods, vacations, therapies, tips from all part of world, etc., to spice up your sex life, try sex exercises (sexercises) this time. Sexercises will stimulate your sexual organs giving you a new youth inside you plus mood enhancement. But be cautious before including sexercises in your routine if you have some health problem. Consult an expert sexologist to understand the detailing of your body needs and its optimum capacity.


Kegel is a sexercise which includes your pelvic floor muscles that is pubococcygeus or PC muscles. Named after Los Angeles physician Arnold Kegel, this sexercise strengthens your PC muscles. This exercise can be done by men and women both.


For men, contract your PC muscles by pausing urine for 10 seconds and then release. Do this contraction-relaxation mechanism whenever you go to bathroom or simply sitting somewhere. This will help you to hold yourself for longer time right before ejaculation.

For women, to find PC muscles is tricky. They can simply insert one finger inside the vagina and contract muscles around the finger for 10 seconds. Hold and then relax. Repeated sittings will boost your PC muscles’ strength and it will give you enhanced pleasure while having sex.

Pelvic thrusts

Since tightness of the muscles decreases the pleasure of arousal, pelvic thrusts particularly release tension in abdomen, butts and thigh muscles. This sexercise can be done by men and women both. It is very easy and effective if repeated for few times a day. It increases the blood flow in concerned body parts and gives you better feeling of arousal.


Lie down with your back on the mat.

Relax and lift your knees up. Now simply swing your buttocks with up and down movements. Make sure that your butts are the only portion of your body moving.

Breathe deeply during the entire exercise.

You can do it for as many times you can but in moderate sittings.


Pushups and weight lifting

If you are doing weight lifting and pushups to increase your body stamina, you are very well unaware that you are secretly increasing your testosterone production in your body too. Testosterone is a a male hormone responsible for sex drive. Increased amount of testosterone will give you a better sex drive for your sex life.


Weight lifting can be done by lifting any heavy object or better, dumbells. If your doctor says to get the required amount of testosterone in the body, do weight lifting until you get tired or 10 sittings at least. Lifting heavy objects will strengthen your upper body as well which is very much get worked up during sex.

Pushups are classic. Balance your body on your hands and toes, facing towards the ground. Now push your body to the ground and then pull it back. Do not bend your knees or elbows. Do for at least 10 times or as per your comfort level.

You can also try crunches, situps, etc., which can increase your upper body stamina. Strengthening your upper body will make you going long and performing better during sex.

Brisk walking

According to a study done on 31,000 men of over the age 50, aerobic exercises are proved to be effective in slicing down the chances of erectile dysfunction by surprisingly 30%. Reason is better blood circulation and release of endorphin in the body to relax your body muscles. Aerobic exercises such as brisk/fast walking, running, etc., whichever can prompt you to invest least of 200 calories or 20 minutes per activity is suitable for your sexual drive and heart too. Brisk walking keeps your blood vessels absolutely cleaned of harmful bacteria making your heart stronger. This will keep your heart healthy and fit. This also keeps your body active enough to perform hard tasks like sex with better performance.

Butterfly pose

Yoga asanas like “Titli asana aka butterfly pose” helps in boosting up your sex life and keeps you away from diseases. There are numbers of yoga asanas which can stimulate your sexual organs and muscles to enrich you with better hold on ejaculation and arousal. These asanas can be done by anyone.

Steps to perform butterfly asana:

Sit straight on a mat. Stretch your legs out.

Now bend your knees to your sides and join your feet down side. Hold your toes tightly with your hands.

Now, raise and stretch, push your knees downwards along with thighs as in butterfly wings constantly.

This will give you a pose of flattering wings like butterfly.

Do 50-100 reps at one time or as per your comfort level.

Titli asana stimulates your pelvic muscles resulting in increased blood circulation and tightness of pelvic muscles.


Legs are important and leg muscles also get worked up during almost every exercise. But there are some leg exercises like lunges invented particularly for powering your leg muscles. Legs are extensively used during sex and for different poses. That is why it is also very important to get your leg muscles perked up to enjoy better sex life with stronger legs. Lunges also tone up your buttock muscles which can increase your pleasure while having sex.


Stand straight. Keep your legs shoulder apart.

Now take your right leg out. Put your hands on your right leg.

Bend your body forward keeping your left leg parallel to the ground.

Hold for 5 seconds and come back in normal position. Repeat the same with your left leg.

These lunges work up on your entire legs powering them with the stamina required during sex. With stronger leg muscles, you can try different sex positions to perk up your relationship too.

Mayurasana or peacock pose

During sex, arms are also put at work. Hands are used to hold your partner and to make positions steady and long. Thus, arms also need to be get toned up. A yoga asana called as “Mayur asana or peacock pose” strengthens your abdominal, elbow and fore arm muscles.


Kneel on the floor. Put your palms in between your legs with fingers pointing backwards.

Bend forward and gradually start to shift your body weight onto your palms and elbows.

Slowly lift your legs keeping your upper body in the air.

Try lifting bent knees first and then stretch your legs completely obtaining a peacock position.

Hold for 10 seconds and come back to your normal position.

This exercise is tough to perform at first but with gradual practicing, you can master it. If you feel uncomfortable doing it, better to ignore and consult a doctor.

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