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9 Mistakes you should avoid while going for coronary bypass surgery

Coronary bypass surgery is an operation that helps to create a substitute for the blocked artery in human body and lets the blood flow to your heart muscle. This surgery is performed to bring down the risk of having a heart attack by providing the heart with accurate amount of blood. It resolves problems like pain in chest and abruptness in breathing. It is very important to have an apt knowledge of what not to do list while going for a coronary bypass surgery. Here is a list of mistakes you should avoid in order to keep away any complexity during the surgery.

Avoid or limit alcohol

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If you consume a lot of alcohol, beware. Thrombosis or blood clotting is decreased by heavy alcohol consumption. It also leads to an increase in the process by which clots dissolve or fibrinolysis. In addition, all this excess alcohol consumption reduces a blood clotter called fibrinogen and decreases platelet aggregation. All these negative consequences of heavy alcohol intake are enough to cause a heart failure during the surgery. However, drinking moderately is not that harmful. A moderate drinking allows one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men.

 Quit smoking

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Smoking increases the probability of catching an unsuccessful surgery. If you smoke try to quit as soon as possible. Nicotine which can be held accountable for heart problems is found in tobacco. The bad part of smoking is that nicotine results in formation of clump in the lungs that makes the patient unable to cough out anything, therefore it is dangerous. This may turn into a case of choke throat any where in between the operation. It is a clever idea to quit smoking in order to avoid any heart related complication while undergoing a coronary bypass surgery.

Control cholesterol level

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It is good to avoid cholesterol rich food for prevention of complications during the coronary bypass surgery. Cholesterol is present in the eatable meats whereas fruits, vegetables and cereals do not consist of it. Intake of liver, kidney and the yolk of egg which are rich sources of cholesterol can be highly injurious. Beef, buffalo and duck or goose have more cholesterol concentration than turkey or chicken meat.

Control diabetes before the surgery

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People who suffer with diabetes should bring it under control before the surgery. If you have diabetes, you can fall prey to a complication while the doctors perform the coronary bypass surgery. Some works on this topic have declared that a diabetic is twice likely to get a heart stroke. Deposits of fatty materials on the insides of the walls of the blood vessels can increase due to high sugar concentration in blood. Hardening of blood vessels and clogging can be caused due to these deposits. Therefore, it is very important to control the glucose level in your body to prevent any complications during the surgery.

Control blood pressure

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Your heart has to put extra effort to force the blood to flow around the body, if you have high blood pressure. Your heart becomes more compact and firmer, to manage the extra work, this makes it less capable to do its job. It is also known as hypertension, signifies that the force in your blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body is above the normal range. In this case, your heart is unable to pump efficiently and this is termed as a heart failure. Therefore, to avoid a heart failure during the surgery, the blood pressure should be brought to normal.

Do not take stress

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Taking a lot of stress can lead to a complication when going for a coronary bypass surgery, because under this situation there are chemicals that are released which cause blood pressure and as a result this can increase heart rate, cause platelets to clump together and all of those set up a series of reactions that could enhance the process of plaque formation and development. People who take excessive stress are more likely to get complications, even if they are not a heart patient in family or is a diabetic.

Never skip your exercise

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Exercise helps to keep a check on increasing stress, weight and blood pressure. If you assure that all mentioned three things are under control. If a moderate exercise is done for two and a half hour a week, it is ideal. Another way to work out is to exercise for ten minutes three times in a day, continue the scheduled for five days in a week. Consult a doctor before starting to exercise. A wrong food habit can have side effects and can be harmful as well. Therefore, make your diet chart perfect before you start exercising.

Avoid taking milk tea

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In case you go for tea, you should avoid putting milk in it. It has been asserted by scholars that adding milk to tea can have negative effects on health. It has been proved by the cardiologists at the University of Maryland Medical Center that drinking black or green tea can be helpful in reducing a potentially harmful constriction of blood vessels after a high-fat meal. It has also been said that the vegetables, fruits and beverages other than tea which are rich in anti-oxidants may be helpful in preventing heart diseases as well. There are certain vegetables and fruits which have natural anti-oxidants concentration, this is why they are better than artificial supplements.

Avoid unhealthy diet or oily food

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It is very important to control your calories intake. It is very crucial to pay attention to nutrition, to remain healthy and to avoid unhealthy diet while going for a coronary bypass surgery. It is good to stick to a balanced diet in order to remain fit for the operation. Dairy products are rich in calcium and fruits and vegetables provide you with necessary vitamins and minerals for your body. Leafy vegetables like spinach are rich in iron. Iron which is required for building blood is found in all leafy vegetables, beet, potato (should be freshly cooked), broccoli, beans, beets, peas, potato, leafy vegetables, watermelon are few vegetables that are rich sources of iron. If you eat a variety of vegetables and fruits, this will fulfill all the vitamin needs of your body.