Best Practices to Enhance the Ratio of Healthy Individuals Amid COVID-19

Enhance the Ratio of Healthy Individuals Amid COVID-19

None of us anticipated the start of the year 2020 to be unusual. The news of a virus outbreak in China was all over the news, but we thought it would only be there. No one was ready to accept that it will spread its root in every part of the world. The New Year’s Eve started with usual celebrations and fireworks, but we all short-lived these celebrations. Soon at the start of the year, the cases of the COVID-19 virus started to get noticed on the chart.

When the news of a pandemic surfaced, everyone believed that it is not that dangerous as they portrayed. The bubbles soon burst when the cases got out of control. The only solution that the authorities could come up with was social distancing. The usual routines of offices, dine outs, and education shifted online. It was enforcing minimal contact and experiencing life at home with no friends and colleagues around.

The lockdown was a precautionary measure, but people were more into stress eating or became lazy. The hospitals were booming with cases, and doctors and nurses worked tirelessly to keep as many people safe as possible. People who were staying at home craved more junk than eating healthy diets. People working from home had reduced physical activity, and the food they consumed was turning into extra calories. Simultaneously, the hospital’s authorities were facing the biggest challenge of controlling the symptoms and finding a cure.

Tips to Stay Healthy In Pandemic

Managing public health and devising policies to control both environmental and social factors entails a lot of expertise. Some of you might think, what is an MPH degree (master of public health)?A degree in public health can enable you to play a vital role in public health management. By following the below-mentioned tips, we can stay healthy and enhance the health ratio amidst this pandemic.

1. Change your diet

mix of healthy foodWe must have read it many times that our body is what we eat. It is true to its essence because the food significantly impacts our health and body functions. Our working routines are a mix of healthy food. And while we were working, we somehow managed to hit the gym or at least walk a bit to burn some fat. With COVID-19, people are now staying at home, and their physical activity and eating patterns have changed. People shifted to free eating and rating sodium-rich food, which is not healthy. Changing your food plate can help you build your immunity and reduce the extra fat. Instead of eating junk or too much oily food, try eating food with more fibers and metabolism-enhancing qualities. Do not starve much for long hours but follow the five meals method. Include more vegetable and citrus fruits, increase vitamin C intake, and boost antioxidants. Healthy food with immunity-building aspects and regulating your body’s metabolism can keep you healthy and reduce the chances of contracting the virus.

2. Get physically active

Physically active people are likely to live longer than those following a sedentary lifestyle. Staying at home does not mean that you cannot remain fit or exercise. You do not have to opt for the gym exercise necessarily, but even a brisk walk for half an hour can help you stay healthy. Training comes with a lot of benefits other than weight loss. Exercise increases our blood circulation, reducing the risk of coronary heart diseases by up to 35%. Exercise keeps our body healthy and reduces the risks of many diseases that can become troublesome during old age.

3. Manage your mental health

mother and daughter practicing meditationThe fear of contracting the virus is natural. Seeing our loved ones or colleagues suffering from the virus made us worry about our safety. Even if we practice social distancing, we can still connect with our friends through phone calls or video calls. Playing games with your family and talking to them can help deal with the stress we are going through. Meditate and relax to keep your mind free of unwanted stress. Adapt to positive stress mechanisms like exercise, reading, or even gardening can reduce stress and anxiety.

4. Adapting to self-care

Another way to promote overall wellness is to look after yourself. Practicing self-care habits like meditation, reading, taking multivitamins, and spending time with friends can help stay healthy. Along with taking healthy food, check up on your friends and family, and ask about their well-being. You can take a stroll in your nearby park with friends who can have a beneficial impact. The park’s greenery can reduce your body’s cortisol levels, leading you to feel less stressed and enjoy.  Playing indoor games is another best way to keep you physically active and allow you to rebond with your family.

5. Adequate sleep

immune system's activation alters our sleepExercising and healthy foods will all go wasted if your sleep routine is not appropriate. Sleeping for less than eight hours disturbs our focus and makes us prone to diseases. Disoriented sleep or sleeping less than your body’s requirement can alter the functions of our immune system. Many studies suggest that individuals between the ages of 16 and 80 shall have seven hours of sleep per night. The immune system’s activation alters our sleep, and a change in sleep affects our body’s defense system.

6. Practice hygiene

As an adult, we all know the hygienic habits, but with the pandemic on the loose, washing and sanitizing hands can help prevent it. Washing your hands for twenty seconds and using masks may seem odd, but these practices can help us tackle the risk and prevalence of COVID-19. Staying at home does not mean that we cannot go out even if necessary. We can go out but have to take precautionary measures for ourselves and our loved ones. Washing your hands after coming home or before leaving home can keep you safe from contracting the virus. These little measures can enhance the ratio of healthy individuals to a greater extent.


The world has seen many outbreaks in history, each one was unique, and there was no cure. With extensive research and trials, slowly and gradually, people started to get better. With this COVID-19 pandemic, it is not impossible to prevent the contraction. We all know that prevention is better than cure. Following such practices and asking our loved ones to do the same can enhance health and wellness.

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