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4 Reasons that quitting a bad habit cold turkey is a good idea

by Dr Prem Community Writer
quitting a bad habit

In order to quit drugs, alcohol or any bad habit, some people resort to rehab centers while others opt to quit cold turkey. There are many advantages of quitting alcohol cold turkey. Though it is the hardest way, if one manages to finally quit alcohol or any other bad habit this way, there is a minimal chance of relapse. Some people prefer to plan, build support and use various tools and means to stop bad habits while others quit cold turkey.

Here are four reasons that quitting a bad habit cold turkey is a good idea:

1.     No plan to follow


Since there is no plan to follow, this method is the quickest way to stop any form of addiction.  Victims struggling with any form of addiction should opt for this method. Unlike other methods that require prior planning, looking for a support group and some therapy and counseling sessions, cold turkey option ensures there is no waste of time. One stops at will. The motivation to quit a bad habit cold turkey comes from within. That is why it is one of the most effective ways to stop an addiction.

2.    Replace bad habits easily

When you quit an addiction cold turkey, you are likely to replace the bad habit with a good one. This is one of the best aspects of this method. Addiction is a result of a trigger that generates a routine response that comes with a reward. Unfortunately, some habits such as alcohol or drug addiction are bad habits. Victims who opt to quit such bad habits cold turkey usually adopt other good habits. They will identify triggers, find a new routine and eventually through self-treatment, they are able to develop positive habits.

3.     Less time and resources used

Quitting bad habits cold turkey requires little or no resources at all. You do not need to check into a rehab which is very costly. You will also not need counseling sessions since the willpower is from within you. No one bothers you emotionally on reasons why you started the bad habit in the first place, and why you want to quit now. You do it at your own pace and peacefully. If you want to quit alcohol smoking or any other bad habit cold turkey, you are inspired from within. More importantly, you will also be an inspiration to others.

4.     Higher success rate

Quitting a bad habit depends mainly on the conviction that one has, and the support they get. For people who quit cold turkey, all the support mainly comes from within. This increases the rate of success. The cravings and withdrawal symptoms that one occasionally experiences is mainly due to psychological conditioning. With the right guidance and determination by a professional, the physical dependence on any substance diminishes within a short period of time.

Just because bad habits are hard to break doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to quit. Sometimes all that one needs are the willpower, determination and a little effort. This motivates and enables one to quit alcohol, drugs or any other bad habit.

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