4 Home Treatments For TMJ Pain


The joints connecting our jawbone to our skull are one of the parts in our body that we use a lot. It is called the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). Every time we talk, chew, or swallow, our TMJ does its action. And when something goes wrong with our jaw muscles and joints, TMJ disorders occur and can oftentimes lead to inflammation. When this happens, the person will usually have symptoms like headaches, pain in the ear, jaw, neck, and face. It will most likely also cause pain while chewing and locking of the jaw joint. This can be very annoying so it is important that it is treated immediately so as to go back to normal programming. Here are 4 home treatments for TMJ pain.

Do some relaxed jaw exercises

If it doesn’t hurt that much or if it is still something you can tolerate, you can try home remedies like relaxed jaw exercises. Just rest your tongue gently on the top of your mouth. Next, try to relax your jaw muscles allowing your teeth to come apart. This exercise can help ease any tension in your jaws and ultimately treat any pains. Otherwise, consult a tmj dentist for emergencies that you may no longer be able to treat at home.

Hot and cold compress

You can do a warm compress for a preventive measure when the TMJ pain is not yet at its peak.  This can provide relief and a soothing distraction as it decreases the stiffness in your jaw and increases your blood supply. Doing this about twice a day can get your jaw muscles to relax and eventually reduce the symptoms. However, if it no longer helps and the pain is at its peak, make a switch to ice cold compresses as it has a numbing effect on the pain and also helps with muscle spasm.

Switch to a soft diet for a week

If you are experiencing symptoms of TMJ, it would help a lot if you reduce consuming food that can worsen its state. Try a soft diet first for a week as it can help reduce the force within your jaw. These foods include mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, well-done pasta, vegetables, and other soft foods. You need to have your energy so you still need to be mindful of your diet. Just avoid food that can cause tension in your jaws so the pain will not get worse.

Take OTC medicine if the pain prevents you from doing your normal daily activities

TMJ pain is definitely very annoying and can affect mundane activities. If this troubles you a lot, you can take over-the-counter medicines such as Ibuprofen. It will give you about 4-6 hours for the pain to be numb. It eases your jaw muscles and reduces that sensitivity of your nerves from any pain. It is one of the effective home remedies but it is only temporary. If OTC medicines no longer work for your pain, make sure to visit a TMJ dentist.

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