Ibogaine – The Addiction Treatment You May Not Have Heard of

Drug addiction

Most people are familiar with common references to drugs and treatment. You may know what heroin, withdrawal, and rehab is. Drug addiction is a widespread problem with few solutions. Once a person becomes addicted, it can be a lifelong struggle to stay free of drugs. Even after treatment, the craving may linger. Ongoing therapy is often necessary to remain healthy and drug free. Alternate treatments are rapidly becoming more well-known. Ibogaine is a more natural approach to healing after addiction. If you have not heard of it before, you are sure to hear of it soon.

Natural Remedy

Ibogaine Natural treatments for many things have been making their debut. Healing teas, homemade beauty products, and grandma’s remedies are making a comeback. Ibogaine has been used for centuries for healing and rituals in its native Africa. It is a natural stimulant of the central nervous system. Large amounts can lead to hallucinations, as well. The alkaloid ibogaine is found mostly in the bark of the root. It seeks out certain receptors in the body to cause the various effects. It also works in a medicinal way to numb pain. For drug addiction treatment, the substance relieves the physical symptoms of withdrawals and eases cravings. Withdrawals are often unbearable when heavy drugs, such as heroin are involved.

The Hidden Treatment

Ibogaine has been hidden away from people in many countries. There was some research going in the United States until 1967 when it was banned and labeled a schedule 1 drug. This is due to the hallucinogenic abilities. It’s treatment possibility was discovered accidentally by a drug addict looking for his next fix. Instead of contributing to another high, however, the ibogaine gave relief. It may only take one or two treatments for people to come out of their addiction. The rest of the time is often spend at an ibogaine clinic getting to the root of the addictive behavior. People now Experience Ibogaine treatment in countries that support the positive effects of the plant, such as Mexico and Canada.

Difficultly Obtaining Treatment

Drug addictionIbogaine may have fallen off the radar due to its swift exit from the United States. As global travel and relations have become far prevalent, however, news began to spread. With the introduction of the internet, information on this alternative treatment became even easier to find. During the early years of the ban, it may have been difficult to find a treatment clinic or travel to one. This is becoming increasingly easier as more clinics are set up worldwide. The secret is out and access is improving. The most difficult part about obtaining treatment at this point is the expensive travel arrangements. Many drug addicts may not have the resources to travel out of the country.

Ibogaine treatments are becoming more popular now since many people are spreading the news of their recoveries. Secret treatments are often deemed unsafe. Now that Ibogaine has been used for many years, there are more precautions taken with patients. It is becoming more professional as less of a secret. Ibogaine is a word that many people have not heard of before, but soon they will.

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