Best Time to Exercise to Gain weight

Best Time to Exercise to Gain weight

Many of us keep on swinging between early morning to late evening; in order to find the best time to exercise to gain weight, yet ultimately end up in doing nothing. However, it is very crucial to understand that regular pumping of iron is important to reap of the maximum out of your muscles.

As a matter of fact, there are many other right answers to the commonly asked question, as to which is the most appropriate workout time for building muscles; however, experts suggest that the best time to build lean muscles and train your body should be the first thing that is to be done early in the morning! Accordingly, carefully planning our workout schedule and manipulating your circadian rhythm as per the same will be helpful in being strong as well as powerful, in a speedy manner.

The science behind the workout

Best Time to Exercise to Gain weightIf its still sound too good to be true for you, then you can just scroll through some of the important scientific evidence noted herewith.

Scientists from the Harvard University, published a paper in the year 2016 about the study, which effectively proposed that the best time to exercise to gain weight should be early morning between 6 to 8:30 am. There were around 50 men, who notably exhibit the difference in their physical endurance and muscular strength, after working in the above stated time slot for approximately 24 weeks. The study further revealed the relation between better performance and the best time for catabolic as well as anabolic activities of muscles.

In another study, the scientist Malhotra proposed that gaining good weight and muscle is higher, in case of evening workouts, especially if you work out for eccentric exercises. However, the concept does not go for the concentric work out as well, and it did not seem to be in favor of evening workouts.

Thus, based on some of these mentioned scientific hypotheses, experts have tried to figure out about the appropriate time to exercise to gain weight.

Early in the morning

Best Time to Exercise to Gain weightPeople are presuming for a very long time that early morning is the best time to exercise to gain weight. Many experts have supported this assumption because of the naturally elevated hormonal levels, especially peaked out due to the long break, while you sleep. Studies have added on that gym lovers, who play with the weights early in the morning can exploit maximum out of their growth hormones, by triggering muscle building and fat burning effects.

While the concept has theoretical implications, over the period of times, bodybuilders experienced that the approach does not entirely support their weight training aspirations. As a matter of fact, many of them even could experience that they have the same energy to attack different weights as they can have any time in a day.

Mid Afternoon

Best Time to Exercise to Gain weightLater on, people started to believe in the idea that weight training can better be performed later on, maybe midafternoon; exclusively after having three to four meals to fuel up their body. The metabolic makeup of human body suggests this time to be the best time to exercise to gain weight; according to which, your body has enough amount of carbohydrates generated through the portions that have been consumed.

Eventually, the carbohydrates will be helpful in the production of glycogen that is essential for muscular strength and endurance. Moreover, the protein that has been consumed till the period can be helpful in maintaining an influx of amino acids directly into the muscles; further creating a strong anabolic environment, powerful to build lean muscles and gaining good weight.

However, many of us who have other responsibilities as well, find it a very unusual time.

Early Evening

Best Time to Exercise to Gain weightEarly evening is known to be highly appropriate, as most of the other commitments are over by that time. This is the time when you may have to struggle for acquiring the piece of equipment for training; but also is a period, wherein all your systems are functioning at a full swing by maintaining the highest body temperature. Experts have further analyzed that human body always follows its own timetable, identified to be as the circadian rhythm. According to this internal body clock, our brain controls all the activities, including metabolism, hormonal activity, cellular regeneration, etc.

As a matter of fact, this circadian rhythm is being controlled through an internal mechanism, we can as well potentially manipulate it to some extent. And hence, the early evening can also be proven to be the best time to exercise to gain weight.

Conclusively, it is important to stick to the most suitable exercise schedule, as per your convenience and continue with the same; in order to get the maximum benefits of weight training. As per the suggestions extended by many psychologists, fitness experts and scientists; we have come up with some important tips, which will be helpful for our readers to understand how-to take-out time to exercise.

·         Prepare a plan

Making a written plan is one of the best strategies to schedule your exercise routine. You can decide the most appropriate period as per your daily routine and actually enter the same in your mobile or laptop to stick to the same.

·         Find at least five minutes for your exercise

Even if your day is packed with the professional commitments, please keep in mind that you have to take out at least five minutes time for yourself. The simple act of self-care can alter your routine to the great extent. These 5 minutes exercise can be extended into a daily 60 minutes exercise pattern. What matters the most is to start first!

·         Be yourself

Best Time to Exercise to Gain weightMany times, you tend to get exhausted in your daily commitments that are mostly for others, it may be your family or a boss or a friend. But it does not mean that you should ignore your body’s needs and not focus on the right workout routine. A great personality is a demand of time, once you start acknowledging it, you will be automatically able to enjoy to squeeze yourself into a harder routine.

·         Rise and shine

For working people, the day gets busier as it goes on! For them, exercising early in the morning should be the first thing that is to be done in the morning.

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