Why We Get Wrinkly Skin And How To Prevent It

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Skin naturally gets wrinkled as we age, so there’s no way to completely prevent wrinkles. Certain good skin care behaviors can improve the look of wrinkles, just as bad behaviors can make wrinkles worse. You can always improve the look of your existing wrinkles and take steps to prevent new ones from forming.

Don’t Smoke

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Smoking is terrible for your skin. Puckering your mouth around a cigarette several times a day forms tiny lines all around your lips. These lines will make you look older than you are. Tobacco also causes skin discoloration, and it can cause your skin to age faster than it would on its own. The more you smoke, the worse it is for your skin. Stop smoking immediately to halt the negative effects.

Use Sun Protection

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Sun damage is one of the biggest reasons people get wrinkles. Sun exposure also causes other signs of aging, like freckles and dark spots. If you like to tan your skin, either naturally or in a tanning bed, you’re aging your skin prematurely. You’re also putting yourself at risk for skin cancer. If you enjoy being tan, switch to tanning lotions to avoid sun exposure. Whenever you’re in the sun, wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect your face, even during winter.

Develop a Skin Care Routine

Dry skin causes the appearance of wrinkles to get worse. Dry skin over the course of years will age you prematurely. Your skin care routine doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need to exist. You can go as simple as cleansing the dirt and makeup from your face every night, and applying a gentle face lotion. A dermatologist will recommend additional products to boost collagen production and tackle stubborn fine lines around your eyes.

Curb Your Expressions

The facial expressions you make every day can cause deep wrinkles over the course of your life. You shouldn’t stop smiling because you don’t want to get lines, but there are a few other expressions you should do at a minimum. Stop squinting to keep your crow’s feet at bay. Don’t raise your brows very often to keep your forehead smooth. Don’t ever frown. Try some facial exercises to relax these muscles and smooth out the skin.

Enlist a Professional

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Leading dermatologists are developing minimally invasive procedures to help tackle the wrinkles you already have. You don’t need a face-lift to look younger. ThermLift by plastic surgeon Dr. Honrado is a procedure that helps tighten small areas of skin from within. Treatments like this will improve your wrinkles more than creams and exercises can do alone, but you won’t suffer weeks of recovery like you would getting a face-lift, brow-lift, or other surgical procedures.

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging, so instead of trying to eliminate them completely, work on making them less defined. Adopting a skin care regimen meant to make your skin healthier will naturally improve the look of wrinkles. Visiting a dermatologist gives you additional resources that will help you achieve smoother, healthier skin.

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