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Why high quality seating in care homes is so important for the elderly

by Dr Prem Community Writer
high quality seating

Many of us have had experience of being in hospital over the years. This means that we can appreciate why well designed hospital beds can play such an important role in the care of elderly people, whether it’s during a hospital stay, in a care home or as part of the care they need while living in their own home.

But, it’s not just beds that are important. Good quality seating plays an important part in the day to day life of many elderly people, and it helps them to feel secure.

Riser chairs that can assist with standing

high quality seating

It’s not always easy to change from sitting to standing, as you get older. This is why many elderly people benefit from using a riser chair. The chair moves with them as they stand, giving them the support they need to get to their feet and get their balance, before they start to walk.

Higher seat height

If you enter a care home, you will normally notice that the chairs all have a high seat height. Older people tend to have less mobility, so sitting back on a low, soft seat is just not practical. You can see why high seat heights are the norm, if you have ever tried to get up off a low seat or sofa yourself. It’s not easy even when you are fully mobile.

Getting cushion firmness right

high quality seating

Elderly people often spend a lot of time sitting, so it’s important that the cushions used on chairs which are intended for use by the elderly, have the right level of firmness. If cushions are too soft, it can be difficult for a person to get to their feet. On the other hand, if cushions are too firm, sitting for long periods of time can become painful and sores can form. It’s all about ensuring that the level of firmness is somewhere in-between.

Fluid resistant fabric

Many older people suffer with incontinence. Although they can wear incontinence pants or pads, there is still the potential for leakage. This is why using fluid resistant fabric on chairs for the elderly makes sense. Any fluids do not soak into the material. Instead, they remain on the surface and are easy to wipe off. This makes it easy for the personal hygiene of the elderly person to also be maintained.

The one thing that is certain in life is that we all get older. As medical technology improves, so life expectancy continues to increase. This means that more and more elderly people need to receive proper care. This may involve the provision of a hospital bed in their own home, or it may require the presence of a chair that suits their needs. You can see how important it is that elderly people have access to high-seated, hygienic chairs that provide them with just the right level of support as they sit, and make it easier for them to get to their feet, when they need to.

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