Make the right choice for your Facelift in Bali

Facelift in Bali

We all know how we should be looking after our health in terms of eating the right foods, remaining active and trying to minimize the effects of our bad habits, like alcohol, sun damage or smoking. We also do our best to look after our appearance – getting our hair styled and colored, choosing makeup and applying products to our skin to minimize skin imperfections and the signs of aging. These days, the lines between make-up and cosmetic procedures are becoming more blurred with many of us thinking nothing of having a facial, laser treatment, Botox or dermal fillers in our quest to look our best.

At the end of the day, the onus is on us to take care of ourselves. The same can also be said when we decide to embark on elective surgery, like a facelift, where we – and only we – have to make a choice that can have far-reaching effects for the rest of our lives. This is when our approach is very much about doing it for ourselves as it is up to us to determine whether a particular procedure, surgeon or clinic is the right one.

For most of us, a facelift is a serious undertaking, and so is the price – at least in our home countries. It’s a fact that most Westerners pay around three times the price for their surgery than they would in somewhere like Indonesia, which is why medical tourism is now so popular.

Med tourism in Bali

Facelift in Bali

Medical tourism in Bali has become ever more popular thanks to the influx of everyday tourists to the island. Once a destination becomes a tourist hotspot, it generally follows that medical tourism becomes the next draw. Idyllic locations, like Bali, offer visitors the chance to enjoy their annual holiday, as well as obtain their elective surgery – and all costing less than the procedure price alone at home.

While price is a major reason for anyone undertaking medical tourism, there are, of course, other factors to consider before you go ahead and book an appointment. Doing your own research is the wisest decision you’ll make, not only if you’re going for a facelift in Bali, but for any medical procedure.

Research is Key

It may seem obvious, but obtaining the best results is really down to you – so ensuring you go to reliable facilities should be your number one priority. So, what should you be looking for?


The facelift

One of the positives of globalization is that medical training tends to be fairly similar throughout the world, and the newest, most effective techniques are disseminated quickly around the four corners of the globe.

However, for any kind of medical procedure, particularly surgery, you want to be sure you have a suitably-qualified doctor with the necessary expertise. One of the first things you should do is confirm any surgeon’s qualifications and professional memberships. For instance, are they members of the International Society of Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS)? Don’t be afraid to ask about their experience, to see evidence of their previous work or to be put in touch with past patients. Any trustworthy doctor will be all too happy to put your mind at rest.


The facility where your surgery will take place is also worth checking out. Is it modern? What are other surgery/medical procedures carried out there? Does the facility have any international accreditations?

Good-quality facilities, like Bali’s BIMC Hospital Nusa, offer specialist medical tourism services and has an international staff from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the UK and the US. It is a modern facility and is the first hospital in Indonesia to receive accreditation from the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI). In-patient rooms include standard hotel facilities providing a comfortable, relaxing setting for your pre and post-surgery care. It is a prime example of the excellent standards of medical tourism in Bali.

Location Infrastructure

Facelift in Bali

Bali has been a leading tourism center for some time. The island’s infrastructure in terms of accommodation, dining out and activities mean that once you are discharged from hospital you should have no problem in finding somewhere suitable for your recuperation.

Obviously, there will be things that you can’t do after your facelift. Bali’s beaches, if they are one of the reasons you are considering surgery on the island, may well be out-of-bounds post-surgery, and certainly keeping your face out of the sun will be. These are the other sorts of things you will have to think about and discuss the do’s and don’ts with your surgeon.

All-in-all, the responsibility for choosing the best facilities and surgeon for your facelift in Bali lies with you. Don’t get carried away by the cheapest prices on offer. Do your research and find the most reliable facility that engenders trust to make sure your surgery goes without a hitch.

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