When silence turns to depression, it’s a sign of danger


Many studies have revealed that depression is indeed a silent killer. There is a fine line between being depressed and being silent. Many a times, people might not even know when they are under depression. This is a very complicated situation, which needs to be taken care of before things become worse.

The silent killer is different from the silence in them

sad woman

Unhappiness is something that we all experience.  However, when it comes to depression, it is a very different aspect. Many a times, we may often misunderstand the silence of a depressed person as being off mood or just a passing phase. If you really want to know whether your loved one is depressed or not, here are a few things that you need to pay attention to.

Listen to the way they speak

The words used by a person who is depressed clearly shows what is going on within them. Most of the time, they hold themselves responsible for every small wrong thing happening. Sometimes they also turn a deaf ear to things. Phrases like what is the point, it is my fault, I am not worth it or anything that can pull them down is the first and foremost sign that you have to watch out for. Inappropriate guilt, self-hate, worthlessness, recurring thoughts are all part of the silent symptoms of depression.

They have lost interest in things

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Though there are times when we aren’t in a mood to do something, but people who suffer from depression just completely lose interest in things. They make up various excuses not to go out. They try to avoid socializing. Things that made them happy at one time become their main excuse of not doing something. For example, if a person loved to go out to the beach with their best friend and due to some reason the friendship is over, the person concerned will use it as an excuse for not going there. The common reasons you will hear include that they are not well, they have work to do etc.

They run away from things

Running away from things or reality is another prominent sigh of depression. For them, the reality of things is very different and they believe in it so strongly that they cannot see anything else. One of the classic examples on this front would be victims of abuse. If you look carefully on the way they behave, you will find that, most of the time, they come into terms with their life and situation and often feel that their life of abuse is the only world for them. They even live in denial by giving reasons or excuses as to why their family members are abusing them.

They are very anxious


People undergoing depression often show out various signs of anxiety. Symptoms like feeling tensed, restless, nervous or even panicking over small things is very prominent. They also have a very tough time to think clearly and focus on their work or priorities. Even if you look at their breathing or heart rate, you will find that it is not normal. Depressed people generally have rapid breathing patterns and heart beats.

They are often suicidal

In the extreme cases of depression, a person even turns suicidal. This is not just dangerous for the patients themselves, but even their family members undergo a lot of stress. Depression is the main reason behind many of the suicide cases. The worst part is, a lot of those suicides could have been prevented if professional help was taken at the right time.

They take on different forms of addiction

Alcohol Consumption

Drugs and drinks are the most common forms of addiction that depressed people switch to. The minute you notice that your loved one is into such behavior, it is important that you sit down and get to understand what exactly is bothering them. The worst part about their addiction is that they go to the extreme ways, which can often result in temporary or permanent damage to their body.

The concluding note

It is indeed a fact that depression is a silent killer, even a lot of studies have reported that today, this is one of the leading cause of concerns for people of different age groups as well as professional backgrounds. People who often undergo depression barely think about themselves, their urge to live has been completely wiped off. By paying close attention to the behavior of your friend or family member, you can do the right thing for them and get them help before it is too late.

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