15 ways to treat depression naturally

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Depression is a very common syndrome seen among people since time immemorial. It is characterized by high intensity sadness, grief, or irritation that may continue for longer durations and exceeds the normal levels. Today different medications and therapies have come up to cure this mental disorder but complete cure is also dependent on your mental strength and will power to fight the problem. By making a few changes in your behavior, lifestyle, diet, and physical activities, you can treat depression naturally and it is definitely a better option than consuming anti-depressants. By maintaining a routine and following the natural ways regularly, you can cure mild depression whereas these ways can complement other approaches in more severe forms of the disease. Here are a few ways, which you need to follow regularly in order to treat and overcome depression naturally.


By indulging in some amount of physical activity like walking or jogging regularly, you can boost your mood and relieve yourself of depressive thoughts .Exercising does not mean that you have to knock the gym and perform some physical exercises. Simple walking is enough for treating depression. Moreover exercising will also help in improving your physical health in addition to providing mental relief.


There is no fixed diet plan for treating depression but healthy eating always helps. Proper nourishment is very essential as nutritious food act as a catalyst to anti-depressants. On the other hand, certain medications can even cause weight gain. Therefore, you need to consult your doctor before following any diet. Moreover, if your depression is related to eating disorders like binge eating or anorexia, then you should always seek medical advice.


Abnormal sleep patterns are a common symptom of depression. Some patients sleep excessively while some others suffer from insomnia (or, sleeplessness). Thus, a proper sleep is required in both the cases. By following a regular sleeping habit everyday and by avoiding distracting elements like television, cellphone, and computer, you can get relief from depression to a certain extent.


Always set some goals for yourself and try to achieve them during the course of treatment. If you are not able to list down the set of goals, then consult your therapist or seek help from your friend or a family member. Try to break your bigger tasks into some smaller and more manageable ones and then strive hard to achieve them.


Fight against your tendency to give up your responsibilities both at home and at work. Try to stay active, be responsible for daily activities, and thereby fight depression in a natural way. You will feel more grounded and your work will be accomplished. However, always try to maintain a balance and do not force yourself too far.


Make plans and try to have fun and relax as much as you can to get relief from depression. You can try going to a spa, indulge in some massage treatment, and relax yourself. Alternatively, you can perform yoga and attain spiritual enlightenment.


Try to stay away from negative thoughts. If something went wrong in your workplace, do not feel sad and think only about the bad things that happened. Instead, engage your mind and try to reconstruct all that had happened and try to think about the good or positive things that happened with you. Thus, by reflecting your thoughts, you can make yourself feel better.

Take a break

Whenever you realize that negative thinking is bothering you automatically, try to take a break. You can indulge in some breathing exercise or you can simply change your position and take a walk. Taking a physical break will result in a mental break as well, thus relieving you from negative and irritating thoughts. So, take out some time for yourself and break the monotony.

Use logic

Use your reasoning power to analyze the problems. Thus, you can fight terrible thoughts that keep coming to your mind about yourself. By applying logic to the wrong happenings, you can feel better. Sometimes by applying reasoning, you can find solutions of many other hidden problems that keep worrying you.

Reach out to friends and family

Family and friends can be a great source of help when you suffer from depression. They can guide you and always be by your side during your bad days. Discuss your state with them and tell about your feelings or whatever goes on in your mind, and try to socialize. Do not just talk to a single person. That does not mean that you have to talk to every person you meet and tell about your depressing thoughts. Just discuss your feelings with a few trusted people and ask their advice.

Get support

Try to join a support group from which you can gain maximum support that sometimes cannot be obtained from friends or family members. These support groups can offer you the needed support, which nobody else can give.

Check with your doctor before using supplements

Today, the market is flooded with a number of medicines for the cure of depression. However, that does not mean that every medicine is good. Some of them may even have side effects. So, always consult your doctor before taking any supplements because only your doctor will be able to tell you which medicine is the best for you among various alternatives.

Watch out for substance abuse

Many patients take alcohol, or starts smoking cigarette and similar other substance to reduce their mental pain and agony. However, these substances can give only momentary relief and can be abusive in the course of time. So try to avoid them.

Do something new

Try to do something new like going for shopping to purchase something that you had wanted long back, going to the museum or a zoo, or reading a book in a park bench, doing some studies, learning a new language, etc. This way you can stay away from your monotonous life and get time to think something new and treat depression naturally. Try to do things that make you feel happy.

Do not ignore serious signs of depression

Depression sometimes cannot be cured only by natural ways. Remember one thing that whenever you feel that natural treatments are not working and you are not feeling good, consult your doctor immediately, and take medical advice because if you ignore the serious signs of depression the condition may aggravate.

Via: Webmd

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