Weird and effective ways for getting rid of migraines

getting rid of migraines

People who suffer from migraines know and understand how difficult it is when they are in the midst of an episode. The sharp and intense pain not only takes the life out of them, but it is also very discomforting in a lot of ways. While some people go through it for a few minutes, there are some episodes, which can go for hours and days at times. The worst part about migraines is that during the episode, a person becomes so sensitive that even the dimmest light or the smallest sound can becomes unbearable.  Well, for those who do suffer from this problem, here are a few effective and weird ways that can reduce your Migraine episodes in a natural and effective manner.

All natural Grape juice


By drinking an all-natural juice made from grapes a person can get rid of the discomfort that he experiences during migraines. For this, all a person needs to do is take some water and ripe grapes, blend them into a juice form, and drink it.

Eating nuts as a part of a daily regime

Another perfect way to prevent migraines and relieve you from the pain of migraines is by adding a few nuts in your diet every day. This is because Salicin, which is an important ingredient in nuts, aids in blocking pain. Instead of choosing over the counter medication, which also contains this ingredient, you can switch to natural options that are healthy and do not have side effects on your body.

Hot and cold packs

Hot and cold packs

Another way to tackle migraines is by using hot and cold packs alternately. For the hot pack, you can use a towel dipped in hot water or even take a hot water bag and apply it on the forehead or back of the neck. Another way of doing this is by taking some uncooked rice and wrapping it in a cloth, heating it and then applying it on the forehead or back for a minute. For the cold pack option, you can choose to take some ice cubes and wrap them in a cloth and apply them on the cheeks or forehead or the place where you feel the most pain. The maximum time for this compress is 10 minutes.

Massage on the pressure points of the forehead

Points like the temple, corner of the ear lobe, behind the ear, on the head and even on the back of the neck are all the right spots to massage when you have a headache or migraine. You will not only feel instant relief but it will also help in easing the muscles and relaxing them. You can also do the massage using some aroma oils or a simple balm for the added benefit.

Black coffee with fresh lemon juice

Lemon Juice

There is nothing better than sipping on a hot cup of coffee. However, during migraines, it is advisable to have black coffee with a juice from half lemon. This will not only help in relieving the migraine, but in case you feel nauseated, it will also take care of that.  You will see a difference in the way you feel even before you finish your coffee.

Meditation and deep breathing

If you practice meditation and deep breathing every day, you will find that it will help you a lot and reduce your migraines. While breathing, try to ensure that you breathe in and out form your nose. This will help in strengthening your lungs and calming your mind.

Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated

Drink adequate water

One of the main reasons why a lot of people experience migraines is due to dehydration. It is very important to make sure that you keep yourself hydrated at all times. You can also eat fresh fruits, which are rich in water content for boosting your hydration and keeping a light stomach.

Sleep well

Lack of sleep can also cause a person to develop migraines. Even if you do not have this problem, you need to ensure that you sleep well. During a migraine episode, it may be difficult to lie down. In this case, it would be advisable to relax on a chair and just close your eyes for a while. It will help you a lot and relax you.

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