Women may develop Cancer due to Gum diseases


One of the best ways to know about a person’s overall health is through their oral health. As we age, it is natural that we tend to develop various kinds of health concerns including oral problems. This is something that is natural. However, if you turn the clock back in time, you might remember your parents explaining to you the importance of oral hygiene. Well it looks like there was a strong reason behind it. The Journal of American Heart Association published a new study recently, which indicated that certain oral problems and diseases in women might lead to cancer.

As per the researchers, the chances of pre mature death in older women who have serious gum infections like periodontal diseases is close to 12%. There is a 17% risk for those who lose their natural teeth.  Edentulism and Periodontitis have a relation to various kinds of chronic diseases such as lung diseases, hypertension, arthritis, diabetes etc.

The program that helped to collect the data for the study


The team of researchers headed by Michael J. LaMonte conducted a Women’s Health Initiative Program to collect some necessary information and data. Participants had to answer a few question regarding a follow up survey response and their health.

The age group of the participants was between 550 and 79 and the total number of participants was close to around 57,001. 50% of the women were either obese or overweight and most of them were Non- Hispanic white.

A look into the studies conducted

While the enrollment of the program took place around six and a half years back. The follow-up data that the researchers collected showed that the number of participants that developed cardiovascular diseases and problems was close to 3,589.

Further on, the analysis pointed out that around 2/3rds of adults who were over the age of 60 were at a 12% risk to die early especially if they had a history of periodontal disease.

Here is what the specialists have to say

heart attack

LaMonte further stated that the studies pointed out that the women who had gum diseases had a higher tendency to develop heart related problems, especially heart attack. Even New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital’s cardiologist, Dr. Satjit Bhusri who was not part of the study, also pointed out that, due to age older individuals did have a tendency of tooth loss and inflammation, and mostly these patients had a risk to develop various kinds of heart related diseases.

Dr. Bhusri also stated that the results of the studies did help in connecting the dots with the multiple heart related problems and lack of oral care. On the other side, even the interpretation of LaMonte stated that the number of teeth a person has indicates his cumulative heath status and reflection of his overall health.

The screening of oral health

Just like how important it is to go for regular health checkups for diabetes and high cholesterol, it is also essential to make sure they go for their oral health check up. Dr. Nieca Goldberg, a director and cardiologist at NYU Langone Medical Center’s Tish Center for Women’s Health and American Heart Association’s spokesperson also stated that in comparison to the previous studies, this recent research had more participants who helped in the success of the study.

Why women were the focus of the study

Gum diseases

The reason why the emphasis was given more to Women is that by 2035, compared to men, more women will be 60 years or older. This is why, the studies conducted focused more on women than men.

Another speculation that LaMonte highlighted was that, during the middle age, if a person develops any oral health problem, and does not look into it ASAP, then he might suffer from many oral problems in future. Along with that, even Goldberg agreed that the leading cause of death in women are cardiovascular diseases.

Apart from that, even various changes in their lifestyle such as smoking cessation, exercise and diet may persuade people to visit their dentist to keep a close watch on their oral health. Women, without a doubt, have a tendency to develop heart related problems if their oral health is not in place.

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