Burn fat faster with these simple pool exercises         

Water Zumba

The perfect workout for you could be a workout at the pool. It isn’t just about swimming a few laps, its about exercising in the water. It’ll be more fun than the gym, and the water resistance tones will strengthen your muscles. Exercising in the pool is low impact, it is suitable for those who are recovering from any injury, or the elderly, as submerging in water gives total compression to the body. It increases the blood flow and there is very little pressure on the joints. Aquatic exercises burn fat too, as you can do your cardio and follow your fitness regime in the swimming pool. Check out some great pool exercises that help you in losing weight and stay fit:

Aqua cycling


Cycling in water against water resistance helps to tone your muscles and soothe your aching joints. You can burn more calories if you pedal fast.

Waist lunges

Lunges are high impact but become easy in water. Stand in water up to your waist, lunge with your right foot in front, keeping your  thigh (right) parallel to the floor of the pool while bending your left leg at the knee, keeping your hands on your hips. Jump up quickly and scissor your legs, and land with your left leg in front. Do this exercise for 15-20 times.

Water yoga

Water yoga

Yoga is low impact and calming, but it can be even more so in water. Water yoga helps to hold poses for a longer time as water supports your body and reduces pain. Your body’s core gets a solid workout as you change positions against the resistance provided by the water.

Cardio with core ball running 

This pool exercise strengthens your core with the help of cardio. The ball pulls you off center and adds extra resistance, and your core muscles are forced to work to make you forward. Changing the position of the ball enables to get a good core workout. Run across the swimming pool for a minute or so, tucking the ball under the right arm at the height of your waist. Repeat the exercise after moving the ball to the left side and run again. Increase the speed each time you run.

Water Zumba

Water Zumba

Zumba is always fun, and water Zumba allows you to have fun while exercising in water to your favourite tunes. Turn on the music and carry out your Zumba workout which is low impact, tones your muscles and burns that stubborn fat.

Push ups

As you are lighter in the pool, push ups become easier. Start in the plank position in the pool’s shallow end; place your toes on the floor and hands on the highest pool step. Bend your elbows slowly, as low as you can, without your face getting wet. Repeat after straightening your elbow.


This is a very effective exercise if you want some fast weight loss, without having to undergo intensive workouts or following any harsh diet. Tread water in the pool’s deep end, and cupping your hands, make small circles. Then lift the left leg straight to your hip height, with your right leg on the pool’s floor, and hold for at least five seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

Cardio plus resistance exercise

heart rate

This strengthens your back, upper chest, core and arms, burns fat and increases your heart rate.

You have to sit on a noodle just as if you were straddling a horse, and pedal around in the pool at your fastest speed, while continuing the arm exercise. Sit keeping your spine vertical and continue for a minimum of 3 minutes.

Pool jogging

Jogging is one of the best exercises to burn calories, and pool jogging is much more fun than regular jogging and you get the same benefits.

Balancing on one leg

Place your foot on the noodle’s middle and balance on it for a minute, then gently move out your right knee and keep balancing. Repeat with your left leg.

You can burn fat quickly while having fun in the pool with these simple pool exercises. Just jumping in the swimming pool or walking around with your arms waving can help you stay lean and fit.

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