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What Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Improving Your Dental Health

by Dr Prem Community Writer
What Your Dentist Wants

Oral health goes beyond a beautiful smile and painless chewing, and improving it requires more from you than daily brushing. From good brushing habits to healthy diets, we bring you a few tips, as endorsed by dentists, to improve your dental health.

1. Hard-bristled toothbrushes are your enemy

Replace-Old-ToothbrushesNo, they don’t make your teeth cleaner. Instead, they leave your gums weaker and damaged. And it is also not true that the more rigorously you brush your teeth, the better.

Going gently on your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush for two minutes (at least) is enough to get the plaque out of them. Remember to get a new toothbrush every three months.

2. Floss regularly or don’t floss at all

This applies to those who begin to floss only a few days before their appointment with the dentist to keep up appearances. The dentist can tell when flossing isn’t a routine habit for you because the few days of frenzied flossing will leave your gums distressed.

Does this really mean you literally should shun flossing? No. You would be missing the chance to clean in-between your teeth and leaving room for harmful bacteria to fester, exposing you to the risk of tooth decay. Strong commitment to regular flossing is important for the healthy gum tissue and good oral health.

3. Leave your toothpaste to sit in your mouth

whitening toothpasteImagine applying sunscreen to protect your skin and then heading into the bathroom immediately to wash it off your body? That’s what you do when you rinse your mouth immediately after brushing.

Your mouth needs the fluoride in the paste to kill off germs and strengthen your teeth, and the fluoride has to stay long enough to be able to do this. Spit out the excess foam and wipe your lips clean. You can rinse out your mouth ten to thirty minutes.

4. Cut the sugar

Want healthy teeth that will serve you well into your old age? Then you need to quit consuming sugar. You will have to say goodbye to soda, ice cream, sweetened coffee, etc., as the acids present in them corrode your teeth, leaving them prone to breaking, decay and cavities.

Starchy foods like rice, bread, and potatoes also get converted to sugar, which the bacteria in the mouth feed on. And this is why it is just as necessary that you brush your mouth regularly even when you aren’t eating artificial sugar.

5. Visit the dentist even when your teeth seem healthy

Talk-to-Your-DentistMany people don’t realize until it is rather too late that the best way to forestall dental issues is to visit the dentist before these issues present themselves at all. So you probably should be seeing a dentist in St. Matthews KY right away.

While getting the mouth checked and professionally cleaned by the dentist, it is easy to spot unusual oral conditions in the mouth and treat them. Besides, you can only know for sure that your mouth is in perfect condition when the expert says so.

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