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What Should You Do If You Get Hurt by Xeljanz

by Dr Prem Community Writer
If You Get Hurt by Xeljanz

Xeljanz is a brand name given to the drug tofacitinib which is developed by Pfizer, a large pharmaceutical company, to treat arthritis. It is a 5 mg tablet that is supposed to be taken twice a day. The medication is approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however, the company has failed to mention that the drug can actually cause serious side effects. Thus there have been many recorded Xeljanz lawsuits.

Xeljanz Side Effects – What You Need to Know

ArthritisXeljanz became an extremely popular medication for arthritis after the FDA approved the drug in November 2012. Many people suffering from arthritis used it regularly to find relief. However, a large number of people using the drug also reported side effects.

The side effects of the medication, which are not mentioned by the manufacturers, can be found below.

Minor Side Effects of Xeljanz

DiarrheaMinor side effects of the medication include –

Serious Side Effects of Xeljanz

liverHere are some of the serious side effects of Xeljanz that can also be fatal sometimes –

  • Stomach or intestinal perforations and tearing
  • Liver damage
  • Problems with the immune system
  • Serious infections
  • Cancer including blood cancers such as lymphoma

What Should You Do If You Get Hurt by Xeljanz

lawsuit against its manufacturerIf you think you suffer from one of the side effects of Xeljanz mentioned above, you can start by filing a personal injury lawsuit against its manufacturer Pfizer as well as other companies for negligence. To be able to successfully win the case, you and your lawyer will have to show four crucial things to get complete compensation, these include –

  • The defendants owe you a duty of care
  • The extent of your losses by using the drug
  • The breach caused by the injuries and losses
  • The defendants must have breached the duty of care

If a loved one was killed after the use of Xeljanz, you can also file a case for wrongful death against the company. In many states of the U.S, you will have to prove the following if you wish to win the case –

  • Proof that your loved one died after regular use of Xeljanz
  • The death was caused due to the negligence of the company
  • The surviving family members of the deceased have suffered financial losses or face hardships

You also need to know that the compensation you can recover from a wrongful death case is actually different from that of a personal injury lawsuit. Wrongful death lawsuits mostly focus on compensating the family and relatives of the one deceased, whereas a personal injury lawsuit directly compensates the victim.

When you hire a lawyer to file a case against Xeljanz, make sure that you provide them with your complete medical history. This will strengthen your case and will show how you were better before using the medication and how side-effects came into being only after you started using the medicine.

In this case, you can also convince your doctor to provide testimony, so make sure to talk to them.

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