What Is in a Bodybuilder’s Gym Bag?

Bodybuilder's Gym Bag

Bodybuilding is as serious an activity as you want it to be. It could be a hobby, something you do to pass the time when you have some to spare or it could be a life choice to which you truly commit. In both cases, the key to having a great workout experience is preparation. You need to organize and stick to a routine that suits your body and overall health. Also, you need to have all the equipment prepared before any actual workout takes place.A bodybuilder doesn’t leave the house without their gym bag, which should be filled with items that make training comfortable and safe.

Weightlifting belt

Weightlifting belt

Not everyone uses a belt when they lift and it’s a choice that depends on a variety of factors. If you don’t have any back issues, you might not need it at first, but it also depends on the way you lift. The purpose of the belt is to maintain the intra-abdominal pressure and help you do deep squats. Belts come with standard and lever buckles. The latter uses the lever system, which makes it easier to put on and take off.

Wrist wraps

Like with most gym equipment, there’s a time to use it and a time not to. When it comes to heavier lifting, wraps can actually be pretty helpful and prevent injuries. They stabilize the wrist, making it stay properly aligned with the rest of the arm. The wraps should be pretty tight in order to serve their purpose, but they shouldn’t cut off circulation and make your arms blue. The standard width can be 16, 24 or 30 inches, depending on the intensity of your workout.

An extra set of clothes

There aren’t that many rules when it comes to gym wear. It should be comfortable and allow you to move freely. Also, try to find the materials that easily absorb moist because you’re going to need it after a hard workout. Make sure to always bring an extra pair of everything so you always have something clean to wear after a shower. Pay special attention to the sneakers because although blisters seem small, they can keep you off your game for weeks.



It may seem like a trivial thing, but a well-planned workout playlist can really help you get the most out of a gym session. Having a sturdy pair of headphones also helps and it’s best to keep them in a gym locker so you don’t forget them. The playlist should start with slower songs for the warm up exercises and have a few cooling off songs as well. A few pump-you-up songs are designed for the hardest parts of the workout, but make sure to change them every now and then because it can get repetitive if you go to the gym often.

Keeping track

It’s important to keep track of your workout and to have an idea how much progress you are making (and when to take it slow). There are numerous apps that can help you with this, but there’s nothing wrong with a stopwatch and a piece of paper as well. Some also like to keep a journal so they can record how each session has affected them. It doesn’t have to be great prose ‒ just a few lines to keep track of your motivation levels will be fine.

Being prepared for a workout gives it more meaning and makes it more productive. Have a bag ready to go and give your best every day.

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