10 Helpful tips for when you’re trying to conceive

There is a time in every woman’s life when they like to conceive. The couple decides that the time has come to have a baby but trying to get pregnant sometimes becomes challenging for them. There are many questions and a plethora of answers available these days some of which

  • Understanding cycles and optimizing fertility,
  • Rating right foods for getting more chances of conception

All these questions with ready answers are easily available these days in various books or online. But before all this it is always better for a woman who wishes to conceive should understand her body; especially her menstrual cycle etc.  There are certain steps that help in increasing the chances for a woman to get pregnant. They are as follows

Confirm menstrual cycle frequency

The woman who wishes to be pregnant should observe whether her menstrual cycle is regular, or not. Also, she should keep a track of her menstrual lengths which might differ from one month to another. She can keep a record of this information and can predict when she is going to ovulate.

Keep a watch on ovulation

It has been scientifically proved that regular cycles of the women ovulate within two weeks before the time of their next periods. So having sex during this phase can always increase the chance of getting pregnant for a woman who wants to conceive.

 Have sex when a woman is fertile

It is suggested that a woman should have sex during her fertile window which is during the five days of ovulation. It has a great impact on conception. Research or the medical journal says that sex can change a woman’s immunity system which can also help in the conception of a child. A study in this regard says that intercourse is likely to result in a pregnancy if it occurs two days before ovulation.

Healthy body weight reduce the chances of pregnancy

If the woman is too heavy then it reduces the chances of conceiving. An overweight woman takes a longer time to conceive in comparison to those who are of the right weight. This is because excess fat creates excess estrogen which can be a hindrance when a woman wants to get pregnant. Again, those who are underweight or very thin can also have the same problem.

Eat healthy foods

Once you intend to become pregnant you must take different types of foods which are healthy. This would help to prepare your body for pregnancy.  The diet should consist of nutrients like calcium, protein, iron, fruits, vegetables whole grains dairy fat etc in your daily diet.

Should avoid strenuous workout 

If a woman is physically active every day of the week then it helps her to be pregnant easily. On the other hand, if they work out too much or do a lot of strenuous activities; then even that can affect the ovulation process.

Be aware of age-related fertility declines

The want to have a baby encourages the would-be mother to live a healthier lifestyle. However, she must remember that fertility decreases with the age because with the growing age the quantity and quality of the eggs change occur in the ovary.

Kick out the smoking habits

Smoking can be the cause of fertility problems for the couple. Nicotine and carbon monoxide can damage a woman’s egg and ovary. This is why you should avoid smoking if you want to get pregnant.

Give up alcohol

If a woman wants to get pregnant, she should avoid alcohol as it can also hamper the chances of her conceiving.

Create a fertility-friendly environment

Frequent contact with lawn and farm pesticides or pollution can damage a woman’s fertility. She can avoid such situations by covering her face with the mask if she intends to become pregnant.

Therefore, if a lady follows all these steps then she can deliver a healthy baby which she aspires to get.

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