Waste no water: Gadgets that are designed to save water

Water wastage is taking a good part of your earnings annually, and also it is taking a toll on the environment also. Every year the fresh water sources are depleting and by 2040 countries will be fighting for water. With good plumbing solutions and water saving gadgets we all can save more than 5 trillion gallons of water that is wasted globally. Aside from developing water saving habits, take a look at some of these innovative water saving gadgets that can be used in your homes.

Water Pebble

We tend to waste a lot of water while taking a shower, but this small gadget will help you reduce that. The water pebble is a small pebble sized gadget that can be put down near the shower drain. It memorizes and calculates the amount of water that is needed for a shower and when you use more water it gives a warning by a red light indication. The water pebble can save up to one third of water usage while taking a shower with the help of the latest technology for water saving.

Smart Droplet

This is a cloud based smart sprinkler which can reduce the wasting water occurred while gardening. This sprinkler can be connected to a garden hose and synced with your smart phone, input the details of the types of plants and trees in your garden and where they are located. Smart Droplet collects weather information, the robotic water dispenser knows how much water each plant needs and waters them accordingly. These gadgets to save water can lower the wasting water in your lawns up to 90%.

Nebia Showerhead

This showerhead saves 70% of water while taking a shower. It atomizes water into millions of tiny droplets creating a mist which covers more surface area than the normal showerhead. This allows more water to come in contact with your skin with minimum wastage. Nebia shower head will make you feel rejuvenated with its H2MICRO technology.

Water Hero

Leakage in plumbing lines also causes major water wastage in homes. Changes in climatic conditions cause leaks and pipe bursts which can cause water damage and wastage of water. Water hero is a leakage monitor that can prevent all this. This device has two modules, one that can be attached to the water meter which monitors the flow and a shutoff motor which is installed on the water shut off valve. The device detects major and minor leaks and shuts off the supply; it also sends a text message to the user about the leakage. This device can save you from hefty plumbing bills and also conserves the water.


According to the famous plumbing and boiler installing company in UK, MJ Burrell’s boilers, a major part of the water is wasted as blown off form the boilers in your home. The regular boiler also wastes a lot of gas also. Combisave is a thermostatic valve that can be attached to most of the wall hung combi-boilers. It controls the flow of water and accelerates its heating reducing the amount of water and fuel wasted in the process. It saves around 28,000 liters of water annually.


This is a smart shower system that is connected to your mobile. Evadrop has an internal heat sensor that cuts off the water flow when the water temperature reaches the desired range. It also adjusts the water flow according to your distance from the system, for example if you are under the system EvaDrop knows that you will be taking a hair wash and allows 100% water flow but if you move away it lowers the water flow. The app will track your water using trends and habits; it also notifies the user if they are taking a long time under the shower with the help of latest technology for water saving.

Edyn Smart Garden System

This watering system monitors the light, humidity, moisture and soil nutrition of your garden and its solar powered garden sensor gives you real time notifications through Wi-Fi. The smart valve can be connected to your garden irrigation system and it automatically controls the water flow based on the data received from the sensor and local weather forecast. With Edyn your garden will be never overwatered or under watered and the best thing is that it comes under the category of gadgets to save water.

Altered Nozzle

Altered Nozzle is an attachment that can be fitted on your regular faucet and can save up to 98% of water. This nozzle atomizes water which enables it to cover more surface area while using a minimal amount only. It can also be regulated to a normal flow mode which also will save 75% of water. It can be attached to existing tap easily and comes in different finishes.

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