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There’s nothing more irritating than having a back itch, especially in a spot that you can’t reach. You can’t simply go about giving weird poses trying to reach your back or scuffing your back against the wall all the time. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t scratch your back at all. There are some new, cool tools available in the market today, which can make your back scratching a simpler task.

4 wonderful backscratching inventions

A back scratcher might seem like an insignificant thing among all those pioneering inventions, but it does have a lot of value. Without a back scratcher, you’ll definitely have a hard time rubbing your back up against walls, doors, or the floor to get relieved of that itch. This, in fact, is the best way to get rid of any itching discomforts.

History doesn’t show any definite inventor for this awesome tool, but over time many variations of best back scratchers were patented. Here’s a list of four variations of back scratchers that were invented in the last few years:

  1. The shoe horn cum back scratcher

It was patented by Henry Wedermyer in 1967, and works exactly like what the description says. You could use this tool to scuff an itch on your back and also use it for pulling on a pair of shoes that was difficult to put on.

  1. The electrical back scratcher

Patented in 1975 by Adey Garcia, this backscratcher does all the work for you. This machine is powered with a belt mechanism that spins with a brush, the roller moves around your back stimulating a scuff. This scratcher also came in two speeds and was quite bulky compared to its other variants.

  1. The brushing back scratcher

This back scratcher is designed to give more pressure and leverage on your back, so that you get better scratching experience. Albin Chaplin patented this device in 2001 and it had a thin, long handle with a brush at its end. You can also take this scratcher into the shower and clean your back with it.

  1. The livestock back rubber

It’s not just us who need a back rub, some livestock and pets would also need their back scratched. Flies, mites, lice, and many other nasty bugs could give your pets a hard time. Having their back scratched with a livestock back rubber is a good way to give them some peace.

How to find the best back scratcher?

It sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Just go buy a back scratcher. But there’s more to back scratching than just buying a cheap junk from the mass. You need to buy a top-quality, best back scratcher to enjoy the seamless experience of it. Here are a few things to look for while buying a back scratcher:

  • The length

A back scratcher must be long enough to easily reach any part of your back. It must be long enough, so that you don’t have to extend your elbow, wrist, or your shoulder and strain yourselves to reach the itchy spot. A length of 17-22 inches can be chosen, depending on your comfort.

  • Width of the electrical back scratcher

The scratching surface should be wide enough and stable to move firmly around your back. If the scratching surface is uneven or has small edges, it would simply roll over your back and will not give a good scratching effect.

  • Height of the edges

A back scratcher needs to be pressed down harder on your back to get the desired effect. It must have a long handle that ends in a significantly wide scratcher edge. The greater the height of the edges, the better will be the scratch. It must also bend and fit into all the curves on your back. Make sure you get one with a good edge height for better scratching experience.

  • Construction

The scratching edge should be firmly attached to the shaft, so that it doesn’t move out of place. It’s always better to buy a scratcher that has a one-piece construction that has the shaft connected to the scratcher edges. Glued or threaded shafts will away over time, and likely break very soon. Wood might be slick on your skin, stainless steel or other metal made scratchers are a good choice.

  • Handle

A good handle is all that’s required for a sturdy grip. It also allows you to give enough pressure on the scratching surface to elevate the scratching experience. It’s better to buy a one-piece integral construction that has no breakable stuck-on parts.

  • The overall price

The price always depends on your choice. You can pick one that’s imported and cheaper, or go for costlier ones that are works of art. It’s available from as low as $1.5 to custom designs that might cost up to $100. It’s better to buy a best back scratcher that lasts longer, rather than replacing a cheaper one more often.

They can do more than just scratch

If you think that a backscratcher is not worth buying, then you’re absolutely wrong. It has many other uses than just ease your itchiness. Here are a few ways you can use your back scratcher:

Get your laundry done – Bending and stooping might be a difficult task for you, especially when you’re sick or old. A back scratcher can come in handy to pull out your clothes from the washing machine.

Dust things easily – You don’t have to worry about reaching out under the table or high above your head while cleaning things. Just make use of a back scratcher.

Reach out for stuffs easily – Sometimes when you’re very lazy enough to move around, a back scratcher can be used to reach out and pick stuffs around you.

Fun and games – Kids can have a great time with this tool. They can simply use a scratcher for a sword fight, play pranks, and have a fun time with it.

The wonderful feeling you get while scratching that right spot on your back is the most satisfying thing. But you can’t always have your partner or anyone for that matter to scratch your back. A back scratcher can come in handy and is the best choice to get relief from those itchy spots.

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