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Top tips for lifting yourself out of a workout rut

by DrPrem Jagyasi

As anybody who has ever tried to fit a weekly gym routine around work, family, and home duties will know, keeping your body in tip top condition is no easy feat. We live such busy lives these days that managing to squeeze in a workout or three is impressive in itself. The only problem is if it’s not the right kind of workout, you could be sweating for nothing.

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The key should be to maximize the efficiency of your routine. Nobody heads out to the gym with the intention of spending hours lifting or weight training or building perfect six pack abs, after all – they want to get the best possible workout in the shortest amount of time. The good news is that this is simpler than you might think, once you’ve mastered a few essential lessons.

These top tips and tricks will help you pull yourself out of a workout rut and start maximizing the benefits of your gym routine.

Stop relying on Cardio Machines


One of the most important things to learn is the value of variety. It is tempting to head straight for the treadmill at the start of every workout, because it is easy and uncomplicated. However, science has proved that doing more activities, in the same amount of time, burns calories much faster. This is why Krav Mega Evolution is so effective. It combines self-defense training with core exercises, strength training, and flexibility work.

Always complete a full routine

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There is now compelling evidence to suggest that longer workouts don’t necessarily equate to better results. The most effective duration for a gym routine is somewhere between 30-45 minutes. The important thing to remember is that while variety of movement is helpful, inconsistency when it comes to how long you work for is not. If you keep skipping out early on routines, you probably need to switch things up and find your passion in a new activity.

Take a closer look at your diet


If you’re finding it tough to stick it out for a full routine or you’re going hard and still not seeing the results that you want, take a look at your diet. Think of your body as a sports car. You can’t expect it to run smoothly without the right fuel. Avoid the temptation to skip meals, even if you’re trying to shed some pounds, because it usually has the opposite effect. It is always better to eat filling but healthy meals.

Turn that calorie counter off


A lot of people get on the elliptical machine or the squat rack and they struggle to focus fully because their mind is on the clock. It might be a calorie counting display that is slowly ticking upwards or just a crawling hour hand; either way, watching the clock won’t help your workout. The best results come when you can completely lose yourself in the process. So, forget the time and push yourself in the here and now.

Listen to your body

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It might seem logical to assume that working out every single day is the fastest way to get in shape. This isn’t really true though, because periods of rest are just as essential as hard work. If you go too hard, too fast, you’ll hurt yourself and may even fall victim to an injury that puts you out of the game for weeks. Aches and muscles soreness is normal, particularly after intense strength, resistance, and weight training, but it should be moderate and relatively brief.

Why you should introduce a little variety to your workout

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The next time that you’re at the gym, have a proper look at the kind of activities that are on offer. Most gyms and fitness centers have all kinds of resources; not just cardio machines and free weights. Take up a kickboxing class, learn a form of self-defense, or add a new circuit or routine to your weekly regime. You’ll soon find that mixing things up is a very positive move.

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