Get in shape by adopting the Prasouda diet plan

Have you ever noticed an uncanny similarity that is present in almost all Mediterranean people? They are mostly very well-built, having the perfect silhouette and a glowing skin. Ever wondered how many hours of gym and days of dieting would give you that level of physical beauty? The answer is none. Prasouda diet plan or the Mediterranean diet plan allows you to enjoy a rich flavorful diet that surprisingly tones your body.

What is a Prasouda diet?

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A Prasouda diet plan is more than just a diet plan, it is a lifestyle that can replenish every essential nutrient in your body without every starving it. The diet, which is made of 50% carbs, 20% essential proteins, and other fats, offers a gradual and healthy solution to weight loss.

Prasouda diet is low in sodium and fat content and focuses more on protein and carbohydrates to draw the body’s energy. Often opted for by most experts, the Prasouda diet plan or rather lifestyle is a combination of clean eating and a stress-free active lifestyle.

What is the diet plan?

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The Prasouda diet is based on the principles of clean eating and hence it strongly recommends that we consume only unprocessed foods. Including a lot of fruits, legumes, and fresh vegetables, unrefined grains, nuts, lean animal protein, seeds, dairy products to the daily diet can yield astonishing results. The diet plan strongly suggests that when cooking these fresh products, heat should be applied in a controlled manner to preserve their nutritional content.

Cooking by boiling, grilling, and roasting can be done as long as the heat only enhances the flavors and does not rob the nutrition. Cooking in extra-virgin olive oil is recommended for its high antioxidant properties. Extra-virgin olive oil is a potent antioxidant and can prevent the harmful effects of free radicals.

Though the plan does not include red meat, it can be consumed occasionally for faster fat burning. Chicken eggs are also a part of this regimen and are recommended minimum 4 times a week.

Water consumption has to be maintained throughout the diet. Prasouda diet involves a minimum of 6 servings of water every day. Red wine, which is also packed with antioxidants, can be consumed once a day. For non-drinkers, theunsweetened grape juice is a great alternative.

Health benefits from Prasouda diet

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The Prasouda diet involves healthy eating and replenishes the body’s vitamins, mineral, and nutrient content. The various vitamins that are provided in ample quantity through the Prasouda diet are Vitamin A, B Complex, C, D, K, and E. The diet also restores the body’s requirements of Biotin, Folate, and Choline, Calcium, Chromium. Copper, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Potassium are some of the major minerals that are replenished with a regular Prasouda diet. By providing the body with a high amount of antioxidants, the diet increases the body’s resistance to the negative effects of free radicals.

Advantages of Prasouda diet plan

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Unlike the other diet plans that involve heavy sacrifices in eating habits and special meals, Prasouda diet relies on regular unprocessed food items that are easily available. By not putting you through a period of starvation, the diet effectively brings down the body fat in a healthy and gradual manner. In addition to being a weight loss diet , the Prasouda program is also an important health advocate.

The diet involves giving up processed and canned food, which is poor in healthy ingredients. Under the diet plan, you can restore your body to its maximum fitness at micro and macro levels by consuming the right diet for you . 

The Prasouda lifestyle promotes active work and stress-free living, making it a rage in fitness experts. Combined with a healthy diet of nutrient-rich fresh food, this is a health program that can be followed for life.

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