Tips to reduce stress in daily life

reduce stress in daily life

Most of us experience stress in varying degrees. It may be due to the frustrations and demands of our life, when we try to fulfil all the expectations placed on us. It may be due to financial reasons, conflict at work or if you are overloaded with work, or stress due to relationships and even due to ill health.

According to experts, a little stress is actually a motivating factor, but when the pressure is too high, it can affect mental and physical well-being. You would also be surprised to know that being disorganized also creates stress. You feel drained out, may get migraine attacks, feel breathless and become anxious. This leads to your productivity levels decreasing, which in turn causes more anxiety, and it becomes a vicious cycle. Nevertheless, you can take steps to eliminate stress from your life. Here is how:

Identifying stress factors

stress in daily life

The first step to reduce the strain in your life is to identify those things that hassle you. Take out just a few minutes of your time and reflect on the things that stresses you, on a daily basis – is it work related, or people or some other activity, which disturbs you, and try to eliminate those factors from your life. If you cannot completely get rid of your stressors, you should try to at least reduce them.

Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly helps to live a healthy stress free life. Exercise   decreases cholestorol, a stress hormone, and increases endorphins, chemicals, which make you feel good. Thus, exercise not only keeps you fit, but also improves your mood and fights tension. You become more alert and are able to find solutions to your problems. 20-30 minutes walking, running, yoga, dancing, gyming every day can be a huge stress buster. Better still, is learning some form of martial art, in which you can release all your pent-up frustrations and emotions. Just kick or box them away!

Meditate or use other relaxation techniques


In order to reduce stress in your daily life, you can meditate for a few minutes every day. You can sit cross-legged on the floor or sit straight on a chair, placing both your feet on an even floor. Then take deep breaths and focus on a positive thought such as “My life is wonderful”, and keep away distracting thoughts. You could practice yoga to be fit, as well as concentrate your thoughts and to be relaxed.

Breathing deeply in stressful situations can help to overcome tension and nervousness. Take 5 minutes, inhale deeply, and exhale through the mouth. Deep breathing counters stress by lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

Become organized


Looking at clutter is disturbing and clutter takes up time, as you cannot find what you require easily. Apart from objects, de-clutter your schedule too by prioritizing your appointments and organizing your work in a way that one activity leads smoothly to another. Being organized can eliminate stress from your life largely.

Stop controlling

Stop controlling

We feel pressure and become worried when we try to control things and people, which we cannot. You can only control your own actions and thoughts, so do your best and learn to let go. You can reduce stress in your daily life by focusing on doing your work well and letting go of the results.

Avoid confrontation


Stay away from people who push your buttons, until you really have some important work with them. Always be polite and take a few breaths when you are in any conflict or argument, which cannot be avoided. Try to listen to what the other person is saying, and get something positive out of it.

Eat well and sleep well

Eat well and sleep well

To live a healthy stress free life, you must eat and sleep well. Sometimes, lack of nutrition causes imbalance in your body, which might make you cranky or lethargic or being unable to concentrate. Sleep deprivation causes stress and sleep 7-8 hours regularly to be relaxed and rejuvenated. Listening to music, meditation and reading can help you fall asleep, if you have trouble sleeping.

Being organized, learning to stay calm in all situations, exercising, eating, and sleeping well can help to reduce stress. Try to create a neat and clean space around you – a peaceful environment can help to create peace within you.

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