9 Tips That Can Help You Sleep Better

Sleep has a great impact in our day to day life. Insufficient sleep hampers our day to day routine, health, and mental well-being. You cannot interact with your loved ones or with your colleagues properly. In today’s life, it is a very common scene that people are rushing from morning till night with the pressure of their work.

Everyone aspire a blissful sleep or soothing sleep which has become a dream to many people now, because they hardly get time to sleep in peace due to stress, over pressure of work or unexpected challenges in the work field. In fact, family responsibility can lay a person go out of a deep sleep.

Physicians suggest that one must sleep at least eight hours in a day. It is integral to a human body. Yes, there are many factors which are uncontrollable by you and that become hindrances of your better sleep; however, a small number of improvements to your daily habits can give you solace and take you to the dreamland.

How to develop your sleeping habits

There are certain steps to improve your sleeping habits.

Maintain a routine

You have to maintain a routine of your sleeping, for example, you should go to your bed and wake up at the same time regularly, even on your holidays, or week offs.

Maintain a sleep diary

To make you understand that how your daily routine can cause a bad effect on your sleep; it is important to track your sleep at least every day for continuous two weeks. These data should be all sleep- related as what time you go to bed, how long you slept, how many times you wake up etc. After a complete analysis of your sleep pattern, you can see where all you can make changes to make your sleep better.

Do not go to bed in hungry or stuffed stomach

You should not go to bed either with hungry stomach or a stuffed stomach. Don’t take nicotine, alcohol, or caffeine before going to bed as these agitate your nerves and cause hindrances to your quality sleep.

Thorough analysis of your medicines

Remember some medicines like beta-blockers which are normally prescribed for high blood pressure can even lead to insomnia; likewise, SSRIs which is a class of antidepressants can have the same effect. So, it is better to write down the entire drugs or supplement that you intake and get it checked by your physician before taking it; because these could be the reasons for less sleep.

Relaxing activities before going to bed

For getting a good sleep you can take a warm bath, can listen to a harmonious music or can read a book before going to bed because these habits help to promote a good sleep very easily.

Make sleep-inducing atmosphere

You must have a particular room or space for sleeping which should be ideally cool, dark, and quiet. This conditioning of the room provides a better sleep.

Sleep when you are extremely tired

Going to sleep and cannot sleep creates frustration.  In fact, out of that uneasiness, you simply keep watching the clock to wake up before your scheduled time. This adds to your stress and keeps you fatigue. Therefore, it is always better to turn away the face of the watch from you while you go to sleep.

Take light meal in the evening

Eating heavy at night may even cause insomnia. You should finish your dinner several hours earlier of schedule dinner time. You should avoid heavy foods that may be the cause of indigestion. Light food will never upset your stomach and automatically it would not disturb your sleep.

The effects of less sleep on women


People always want to have sound slumber so that they can increase their productive power and energy. They can improve their health and mental power, can have the good mood and can retain it for the longer period of life. Women are inclined to have less sleep than the men. The intensity of sleep-promoting estrogen goes down particularly at the time of menstruation and after menopause this less sleeping condition becomes permanent. As a result, most of them suffer from headaches, cramps, night sweats and hot flashes. You can do some light exercise during the daytime so that you can feel restless and can get your sleep easily at night.

It has been proved that sleeping is a biological need therefore if you do not have sufficient sleep it will affect your health and your life. To avoid any wakeful worry you can jot down the whole day’s top concern in a diary and then write down your next day’s steps from morning to evening so that you can avoid tension and can sleep peacefully. 

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