Lifestyle and Home Remedies to Better Manage Rotator Cuff Pain


The shock-like pain felt in the shoulder area when one raises the arm above or behind the head can be a symptom of rotator cuff tendinitis. It occurs when the tendons and muscles that help shoulder joints move are inflamed or irritated. This condition occurs over time due to several reasons including sleeping on the shoulder every night, keeping the shoulder in one position for long and playing sports that require extending arms overhead. Lifestyle and home remedies are often the first treatments for a rotator cuff problem. Following are some of the effective home remedies that help relieve discomfort and prevent the problem from getting worse.


Yoga cures it all and rotator cuff pain is no exception to it. Practicing some easy yoga poses, you can experience a considerable reduction in pain. Simply press your palms together and interlock your fingers. Then place your forearms and hands against a wall.  Should be placed in the center of your hands and arms, and rested against the wall. Keep a distance of 24 “from the feet and lower your chest and then press your arms and elbows into the wall. Your shoulders should be down and towards the back. Hold this posture for around 45 seconds. Try this and other simple yoga poses every day for two weeks and more to see desired results.


Blockage of the Qi [energy] or blood flow in the body causes pain. If this is the reason behind your rotator cuff pain, you can benefit a lot from acupuncture. Taking acupuncture treatments for 4 weeks helps improving blood flow and blockages, thus, reducing inflammation and pain.

Ice pack application

Ice pack application

To relieve rotator cuff pain, you need to reduce the inflammation and decrease swelling in the area. The ice pack should be applied every alternate hour doe 12-15 minutes. If you do not have an ice pack handy, you can also use a bag of frozen food like peas or veggies. You also have the option of making your own ice pack by outing a few cubes of ice in a plastic bag. If you are using any of these methods, it is advisable to place a cloth on the inflamed area so that your skin can be protected from frost bites. Apply an ice pack for about 12 to 15 minutes on the affected area every other hour. You could also use an ice-filled plastic bag or a bag of frozen peas in place of an ice pack.


Just like ice, heat is effective in treating rotator cuff pain at home. It eases inflammation and speeds up healing by increasing blood flow to tissue. Heat application also relaxes muscle spasms by improving flexibility, which makes exercising easy. Simply apply a moist heating pad on your shoulder 20 minutes before you want to exercise.



Rotator cuff tendinitis restricts the range of motion by causing shoulder stiffness. To improve this condition, you should do stretching that targets shoulder muscles. Depending on the severity of your stiffness and your ability, you should pick stretching exercises that can help you improve your shoulders movement.

Massage with essential oils

Massage with essential oils

If you are on a lookout for a natural healing alternative for your rotator cuff pain, try using peppermint essential oil. It is a natural painkiller that helps muscles to relax. Simply rub it twice a day on the affected area for as long as you don’t get the desired result. You could also try out some other very effective essential oils such as arnica, evening primrose, and lavender oil.

Epsom salt bath

The therapeutic warmth that Epsom salt bath offers relieves muscle tension, pain, and inflammation in joints. Therefore, you can enjoy Epsom salt baths and cure your shoulder pain altogether. Add 2 cups of Epsom salt to the hot water in your bathtub and soak yourself in it, with your shoulders submerged. Doing this thrice a week, you would experience a considerable relief from the pain and stiffness in your shoulders.


Mild cases of rotator cuff tendinitis often improve within weeks with the help of some easy yet extremely effective home remedies and lifestyle changes.

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