5 Instant remedies to reduce that nagging back pain


Dorsalgia, commonly known as back pain, is felt in the back of the body and usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones and other structures which lie in close contact to the vertebral columns or spine. This pain can either be chronic or may have sudden onset. It can radiate all over the body or stay at a particular place. Weakness, numbness and tingling sensation are the characteristic features which are seen in the patients suffering from back pain. Back pain is one of the most common reasons for patients visiting the doctor. Women are more prone to back pain when compared to men. About one out of two people complain of a back pain. Back pain is even more common among the long duration workers. The spinal cord is a complex region from where nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments originate. The nerves originating from the spinal cord run all over the body and thereby it is capable of causing pain in the various extremities of the body.


  1. Muscle strain.
  2. Muscle spasm.
  3. Muscle imbalance.

Five quick remedies for back pain

1. Adding calcium and Vitamin K in food intake

As many of us know – calcium is the key mineral for the growth and strength of bones, but according to Japanese scientists, besides calcium, vitamin K is also essential for strong and healthy bones. According to the sources in WHO, vitamins found in broccoli, spinach and various other leafy vegetables are capable of depositing large amount of calcium onto the bones and thereby making them stronger and thus making the patient less prone to injury that cause back pain.

2. Avoiding heavy weight on shoulders

The other most common reason for back pain is carrying heavy objects on the shoulder. If the carry bag weighs more than 10 percent of the entire body weight, then there are more chances to get a back pain. The way one carries the bag also decides the nature of back pain.To avoid back pain, one must wear carry bag which has a long strap. If there is no other go and if you like short strapped bags, then shifting the bag from one shoulder to the other, should be done every twenty minutes.

3. Avoid hard mattress

Meanwhile, the way people sleep can also cause back pain. A stiff/hard bed is not recommended, as it may cause back pain in most of the cases. A recent study regarding the spine, showed that people who slept on soft mattress, had less complaints when compared to the people who snoozed on the hard mattress. Pillows also decide the nature of back pain. Head should be aligned in such a manner that the head lies in line with the spine.

4. Strengthen the abs

Having strong abs also helps reduce back pain. If the abs muscle are well developed then during trauma, the spine will get less shock thus extent of damage is small. Exercising regularly strengthens the abs a lot. The most common exercise done to improve abs muscles, is abs tilt exercise. This exercise should be done regularly 2 to 3 times a week, thus reducing back pain to a great extent.

5. Right posture and cushioned support while sitting on chair for long hours

Sitting at the arm chair for long hours during work time causes back pain. World Health Organisation claims that sitting in a chair for more than 8 hours behind the desk may lead to back pain. One must also make sure while sitting in the chair that the back is rested well against the chair. There are less complaints from the people who use cushions. Using the stability balls for doing abs exercises also reduces back pain.

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