Tips on Finding Inspiration to Boost Your Inner and Outer Beauty

Finding Inspiration to Boost Your Inner and Outer Beauty

It is virtually impossible to pick up a magazine, spend time on social media or watch TV without hearing some reference to the latest trends in beauty and health industry. It seems that everyone has their own definition of beauty, as well as their own opinions on how we can all look and feel as amazing as possible.

Even if you are open to the idea of finding new looks that inspire you, this plethora of beauty-related information coming at you all at once can be understandably overwhelming.

Fortunately, it is possible to discover beauty inspiration—on both the inside and the outside—which in turn might help to boost your overall self-confidence. One key secret? Take what you can use from the scads of advice out there and ignore the rest.

With that nugget of wisdom in mind, please consider the following tips:

Seek Inspiration on Social Media

Seek Inspiration on Social Media

Social media can be a double-edged sword when it comes to beauty inspiration. While some posts—either by individuals or companies—may seem really fake or cause people to feel even more insecure about themselves, some pages can inspire you to live your best and healthiest life. A good example of a company that is using social media to inspire and not discourage its followers is Amway’s Facebook page. There are plenty of posts that feature “real” looking people using their line of Artistry makeup and their Nutrilite vitamins and supplements. The posts inspire you to try the products not because you feel you “have” to in order to be more beautiful, but because you want to.

Another inspiring beauty influencer is Michelle Saunders; find her own Instagram for colorful and innovative ways to spice up your manicures.

Find Your Most Flattering Colors

The suggestion that what you wear can dictate the way you feel may seem shallow. But when it comes to color, this is definitely a true phenomenon. If you have ever had an amazing day when wearing your favorite black blouse or forest green dress, you have already experienced the very real power that different shades and hues can do for how good we feel. For instance, a red outfit can increase your self-confidence and make you stand out in the crowd; the secret is in finding a shade of red that complements your skin.

Wearing blue can actually help to reduce blood pressure, and so it’s an ideal color to wear when you want to feel more relaxed and create a superb first impression on others. Go through your wardrobe and pull out articles of clothing individually to see what emotions they may inspire. If you feel the most confident and happy by holding and feeling the green, purple and orange-red outfits, you have probably discovered the colors that inspire you and will help you to feel more beautiful.

Beauty Shines Through Actions and Words

 loving and caring people,As you search for looks that inspire your sense of beauty on the outside, please don’t forget your inner self. We can all find beauty inspiration through our words, our thoughts and our actions. As the saying goes, true beauty comes from within so remember to nurture your soul by surrounding yourself with loving and caring people, by focusing on positive thoughts and by never talking down to yourself—ever.

While many people make self-disparaging comments about themselves like “Yeah, I can wear that outfit—once I lose 25 pounds,” you should strive to never say anything about yourself that you wouldn’t say to your mother or your best friend. Taking care of your physical body and nourishing your inner self through things like close friendships and meditation can help you boost your inner beauty.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

When it comes to finding inspiration for beauty, it’s best to avoid feeling like you have to try out some new look or style merely because fashion magazines are making it sound like you will simply perish if you do not. Instead, focus on selecting helpful and not hurtful social media pages that offer helpful tips and photos, determine which colors make you feel and look amazing, and remember that your inner beauty is even more important than what people see on the outside.

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