Combating Depression Symptoms with Talkspace and the Outdoors


Living in the city can have a negative impact on mental health and well-being. It can cause the symptoms of depression to expand, making everyday life hard to handle. A great way to heal is to get a breath of fresh air in nature.

Become More Spiritual

Become More SpiritualBeing spiritual is becoming a modern way to alleviate mental health issues. Spending time outside has the power to heal the spirit. You can find a flat place outdoors to place a yoga mat. Try out some healthy yoga poses. If you live in a scenic area or you’re willing to travel, you can see the spectacular views while doing so. Just breathing fresh air can be healing. You may head to the park to sit on a bench to watch ducks swim or read a book. Meditation has a calming effect on the mind, body, and soul. It can also help a person focus better and live longer. Plus, some meditation techniques can be relatively simple and short if you have little time to spare.

Volunteer Outdoors

There are plenty of volunteering opportunities to try in nature. You can do something calming, such as walking a dog from an animal shelter. If you love animals enough, you might be ready to foster or even adopt one. Volunteering can bring meaning into someone’s life. It’s a great way to help yourself and be selfless at the same time. Those who volunteer can live longer, be more positive, and have improved mental and physical health.

Cultivate Empathy

feel depressed because of angry people.If you live in the city, you might lack empathy from being stressed out. You could feel depressed because of angry people. Life shouldn’t be this cruel on you or anybody. Being in nature gives a person the time they need to feel their true feelings and cultivate empathy. By being more empathetic, you can have better relationships and peace of mind too. Allow yourself to think about how important animals, plants and the entire world are in everyone’s life. Being philosophical can help you gain a new understanding of what really matters.

Get Away From Technology

Studies show that technology can be bad for one’s health. It can increase the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and obesity. Spending time in nature is positive because it allows you to think more clearly. Paying attention to how certain environments affect you can significantly change your outlook on life. Maybe you get irritated by hearing the phone beep too often. The screen on your phone, computer or television can hurt your vision or change your mood for the worse. By changing your habits, you can change your life. You can reduce time spent on devices to around three hours a day. Notice the difference between city living and nature visits.

As a city dweller, you might find yourself enjoying nature so much that you might want to stay there. You might find that living in the city is wrong for your mental health or you may just want to go back for a visit. No matter what, it’s smart to realize that what really matters is your overall health and happiness.

Enter Talkspace

Enter TalkspaceIf you’re over 18, you can get therapy with the Talkspace online therapy app. Get professional help without feeling the discomfort of heading to a traditional office. Therapists and patients at Talkspace work through difficult life challenges to set goals towards a better state of mind. The online therapy app has received spectacular reviews from trusted sources like USA Today, Teen Vogue and Business Insider, to name a few.

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