Tips for combating sedentary lifestyle

sedentary lifestyle

Recently, the Lancet has published one of the most disturbing reports stating that around 6 million people across the globe are being killed each year due to a sedentary lifestyle. Yet another investigation, performed by a team of American researchers confirmed that an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and obesity endemic is costing the world, a 67.5 billion $; and this whopping number is comparable to annual GDP of Costa Rica. The report further suggests that combating sedentary lifestyle is highly crucial to control, 1 in 10 deaths that are attributed to physical inactivity.

In this regard, the current write-up is intended to make our readers aware of the dangers of sedentary lifestyle and provide some tips for combating the sedentary lifestyle.

Research related to a sedentary lifestyle

on the couch watching televisionSeveral seminal studies have recently proposed effects of sedentary lifestyle on overall physical as well as the mental well-being of a person. The statistics suggest that approximately 97% of our lifetime is being spent either on the office chair or on the couch watching television or doing things without much physical activity. As per the meta-analysis report presented by Canadian researchers, which included crux of approximately 47 studies conducted across the globe on inactive lifestyles; it is suggested that inactive lifestyle is the shortest route towards mortality. The research conducted by Harvard Medical School further confirms that various ways are to be incorporated for combating sedentary lifestyle, one of which can be maintaining an exercise schedule of about 150 minutes a week.

The risk associated with a sedentary lifestyle

smokingAs pointed out by many health experts and consultants, the sedentary lifestyle is the basis of many dangerous diseases that are thus named to be as the lifestyle diseases. These diseases can be defined as the group of ailments that share similar risk factors due to dangerous lifestyle habits, like smoking, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and stress. The experts are thus urging to implement various suggested ways for combating sedentary lifestyle. Some of the associated diseases may be noted as follows:


ObesityToday the world is facing obesity epidemics, however, the burden is extremely high in developed countries like the US. The statistical report presented by the World Health Organization suggest that 1 out of 4 citizens in developed countries are suffering from obesity and its associated illness. Accordingly, in countries such as India, almost 30 million people are suffering from obesity. Needless to say, that the obesity is the foundation for many diseases that are identified to be incurable with the current therapeutic module, such as multiple sclerosis, chronic kidney diseases, cardiovascular disorders, etc. Overcoming obesity is thus, the only option if you really wish to be out of the dangers associated with it. Thus, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper physical fitness are the two suggested ways for combating sedentary lifestyle.

Other associated diseases

dangerous ailmentAs explained in the report published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Health, lack of physical fitness and forceful implementation of an inactive lifestyle can contribute to several dangerous ailments, like heart damage, diabetes, and kidney disorders. Doctors are continuously suggesting that prolonged sitting on the office chairs or other sedentary job requirements can significantly raise a risk of being suffering from venous thrombosis, a fatal condition associated with clotting of blood in the deep veins of the legs. The risk is higher in people who tend to sit on their couch for hours to watch their favorite serials.

Several other lifestyle diseases can be listed out as cardiovascular disorders, chronic kidney diseases, liver disorders and metabolic syndromes such as diabetes type 2.

Simple hacks for combating sedentary lifestyle

exercise hours According to proposed WHO guidelines, multiple simple techniques can be incorporated for combating sedentary lifestyle. The organization has also prompted with a minimum number of exercise hours to be scheduled weekly in order to live happy and healthy lifestyle. As per which, an adult aging between 18 to 64 years can incorporate physical activities like walking, cycling, household chores, sports and other planned cardiovascular exercise. Furthermore, scientists have come up with the study that is being published in Annals of Internal Medicine have suggested it to be very necessary to move your body after every 30 minutes to maintain office fitness and counter the dangerous effects of desk jobs.

Accordingly, some of the simple measures that can be incorporated for combating sedentary lifestyles can be noted as follows:

Avoid the car

Avoid the carIt is always better to ditch the car and walk as much as possible; in order to get rid of that extra bulge from your belly. This way you would also be supporting with your share to decrease roadblocks due to heavy traffic and will be able to shed those extra kilos conveniently.

Take a break

 just stretch your body.If you are sitting on the office chair or watching TV in the comfort of your home, experts are suggesting to take a break for some simple exercises for a couple of minutes. For an instance, you can just swing your arms or twist your waist in both the directions or just stretch your body.

Cleaning the house

Experts propose that cleaning your house or working in the garden can maintain your body in the physically active state, all day long.

Exercises that can be done for office fitness

Exercises that can be done for office fitnessYou can follow the pattern of exercise, while you are in the office chair to maintain your physical fitness. This is one of the excellent exercises for combating the sedentary lifestyle and maintaining office fitness.

Chair Gomukhasana: You can easily be slouched due to sitting on the office chair for long working hours that may easily lead to stiffness of shoulders and backbone. In this regard, the gomukhasana is a great exercise to relax your muscles and upper body.

Extend your right arm straight towards the sky and bring it down to the center of the back. The left hand is extended towards the back from below. Try touching both the palms together for about 10 seconds. Repeat with altering hands. This can be done three times a day.

Work on your glutes: Your gluteal muscles can be continuously in pressure due to sitting for an extended period of time. Your glutes can be strengthened while doing this simple exercise on the office chair.

Push your heels hard on the floor, as if you are trying to digging something with them. Squeeze your butt tightly by pulling inside your tailbone. Stay in a position for approximately 5-10 seconds. Repeat thrice for better results.

Shoulder blade squeeze: This exercise can be placed at the top of the list of exercises for combating sedentary lifestyle. This can be done by pulling back your shoulder blades as much as possible with your elbows bent. Remember to keep your elbows pointing towards the floor and neck should be stretched by looking at the ceiling.

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