5 Types of diets that work for your weight loss routine

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Many of today’s diets claim to offer competitive results in regards to weight loss. However, finding the option that suits your lifestyle and particular needs can be challenging. If you’re looking for a plan, it’s important to find something that delivers the best results and teaches you how to make better choices after you’ve reached your goal weight.

Weight Watchers

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Eating a healthy diet and exercising are both critical components to losing weight. However, while simple tips such as starting the day with a good breakfast and ridding your home of junk food can aid in the process, you may need additional guidance from the experts. Weight Watchers is an effective weight loss diet that teaches users to count calories using a points system.

While no food is off limits, the points are assigned numbers based on their nutrition level. If an item is high in fat and sugar, the higher the number of points it will be. Items such as fruits, veggies and proteins bring the numbers down significantly. In addition to tracking what you eat, Weight Watchers has a support community, meal plans and options that allow a user to follow the diet in person through meetings or online.

Bariatric Lifestyle Diet

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If you’ve undergone successful bariatric bypass, you know the importance of following a healthy diet after your surgery. A bariatric diet offers food sources used by both weight loss centers and physicians. Here you’ll find products such as protein bars, diet shakes and more to fit your pre and post bariatric surgery needs. The items are high in protein and nutrients, and they meet the requirements of a medically supervised diet.

Bariatric surgery patients have a high weight loss success rate. In addition to losing weight, patients also feel more energized and experience less mental and physical health issues such as depression, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. The nutritional diet plans for both men and women will help teach you how to incorporate foods slowly and show you ways to keep the weight off for the rest of your life.

Paleo Diet

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The Paleo diet pays homage to the days of the caveman. If you’re someone who hates to count calories or keep track of the foods that you eat, this may be a diet more to your liking. The idea of the Paleo diet is simple and results from ancient ancestors being hunters and gatherers. This means that you wouldn’t find sugar cereals, processed or fatty fast food items to contend with and tempt a person into obesity.

Paleo diet followers eliminate sugar, grains and processed foods. If you’re looking to adopt a Paleo lifestyle, you’ll fill your plate with options that include fish, eggs, grass-fed beef, duck, chicken, turkey, nuts, sweet potatoes, yams, veggies and fruits. Paleo diets also allow oils such as coconut, avocado and olive oil for cooking.

The Biggest Loser Diet

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The goals behind the Biggest Loser Diet is to promote weight loss and prevent diseases. By starting off with a six week regimen of eating healthy foods and incorporating exercise into your lifestyle, you could be setting yourself up for a long journey to a happier future. With junk and processed foods so prevalent in the world today, it’s easy to understand how a person’s diet is whacky.

In addition to eating the wrong foods, you may also be a committed couch potato. The Biggest Loser Diet plan shows you how to incorporate regular meals that are healthy and nutritious through a food journal. You’ll also be showed ways on how to get moving no matter what physical exertion level you may be at.

Volumetrics Diet

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Individuals who follow the Volumetrics Diet may lose up to a couple pounds per week by getting more mileage out of your food consumption. Trading in high density options for the lower variety, your body will feel fuller and satisfied while you shed the weight. Designed to stop the on and off again cycle of dieting, Volumetricsfoods include lean meats, low-fat dairy, vegetables, fruits, beans and whole-grains. While you can eat most any food that you would like, users need to stay within the required calorie limit.

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