Home remedies to treat swollen gums

Swollen gums or gingival swelling is a common problem, characterized by discomfort and pain. Sometimes, an infection, allergy, or gum injury may result in such a condition. It can also be the outcome of some nutritional deficiencies or lack of oral hygiene. Still, swollen gums should not be ignored because these may lead to other complications if they are left untreated. Here, we tell you about a few such home remedies that can reduce your swelling and cure it too. Check out to gain their benefits.

Rinse with salt water

Pouring Salt In Glass of Water

Salt is known to be an effective disinfectant. It can reduce gum inflammation. All you need to do is to rinse your mouth with salt water. Mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and use it for rinsing. Spit it out once you rinse for a few seconds and keep repeating the process with the remaining solution. Doing it two to three times daily can heal your swollen gums.

Using clove oil

clove oil

On the gum area where swelling exists, apply a paste made by mixing clove oil with black pepper. Your pain and inflammation will go away soon. Clove oil has Eugenol with antioxidant properties.

Applying turmeric paste

Turmeric over white background

Turmeric is known to contain curcumin with antioxidant properties. Thus, it is a highly effective home remedy for many types of pains, including the pain due to swollen gums. You can prepare a paste of turmeric and water and apply a little on your gums. Leave the paste for about five minutes. Then, massage for about a minute. Afterwards, you can rinse it with warm water. Doing it daily for a week will help you get rid of swelling and inflammation. Turmeric paste will also stop the spread of bacteria.

Rubbing with ginger-salt paste

Mashed ginger

Grind around a teaspoon of ginger and add a pinch of salt to it. With a little water, make its paste. Apply and rub the paste on the affected area. It will have the same effect as turmeric paste can provide.

Hot and cold compress

Hot and cold compress

If you have unbearable pain due to swollen gums, then hot compress can be quite effective to sooth it. Cold compress can be used when it is swollen but not painful. You can soak a cloth into warm water for hot compress and wrap some ice cubes in a cloth for cold compress. Place the cloth around swollen gums for some time to get relief from swelling and inflammation.

Using a few ingredients and techniques at home, you can effectively treat your gum swelling, inflammation, and pain. Natural remedies can help instantly. However, consult a doctor if the problem persists.

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