iTENS is a modern day Electrotherapy Device

Any type of body pain can be really irritating. It can cause a lot of discomfort to the sufferer.Especially pains becauseof conditions like arthritis can go from bad to awful. There are plenty of therapies and treatments for pain relief. One such therapy is the TENS therapy, which has been used effectively by many people.

Understanding the TENS concept

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TENS stands for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation”. This handlingprocess involves the use of an electrical current of very low voltage for the treatment of pain.This treatment is mainly used for the treatment of back pain, neck pain, bursitis,arthritis.In this treatment electrical signals are used to cut off the pain signals from reaching the brain. It helps in the release of pain fighting chemical endorphins in the body.

Wireless device using TENS therapy

The wonderful amalgamation of modern technology with the benefits of TENS therapy has resulted in a device called iTENS. It helps in giving relief from pain through a simple medical device app.It makes use of the power of iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth.This is an FDA-approved wireless electrotherapy device using TENS therapy and is controlled by a phone App. It does not require doctor’s prescription and can be obtained over the counter.

How to use the device?

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The device has peel and sticks gel pads which are reusable. Its lithium-ion battery gives 24 hours of use.Peel and stick the wings on the pain site. The wings are very thin cannot be noticed under the clothes. You can then control the device with through your smartphone.

Like other traditional devices, it does not have any wires and hence, you can use it easily on the go and effortlessly. You can use more than one iTen on the body at a given point in time.The power and intensity of the device can be controlled through the app. You can make use of preset programmes or customised programmes.

iTEN is different

It is available in small wings,large wings and long strips. It is available in 2 colour options.The wing structure is flexible and can be applied to specific areas. The refill cost of the reusable gel pads with superior quality is very less.Due to app-based technology updating,it is easy.

Make use of this unique wireless app-controlled device for your body pains.It has given good results for arthritis,carpal tunnel and other such painful conditions. So for the treatment of conditions you can use this product effectively.

Source : Itens.Com

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