Three easy steps to build an ultimate healthy lifestyle

If you ask anyone what their biggest concerns are for their life and what they find the most important, there’s every chance that they’ll tell you that it’s having enough money, or having choices to do the things that they want to do on the weekend. That’s all well and good – after all, having enough money is important, and having enough time on the weekend to socialize with friends is vital. But what about your health?

You could have all the money in the world but if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything. Without your health it’s impossible for you to enjoy all of the things that money allows you to do. So, how do you ensure that a healthy lifestyle is at the forefront of your focus, allowing you to be healthy to enjoy your life?

Eat and drink the right things

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Have you ever heard the saying that you are what you eat? Well, it’s true! We need to make sure that what we’re taking into our bodies is the right stuff and that we’re not scrimping on the healthy ingredients that we need. Sometimes though, it’s hard in our busy lives it’s hard to have enough time to do all the right things that we need to do. Convenience is key here, so in order to get enough goodness you should do the following:

  • Plan meals in advance, and if you can prepare them in advance you should do so! The convenience of having pre-planned and prepared meals will be great for your health and your schedule.
  • Invest in the right kind of drinking flask. There are a huge range of drinking bottles and infusers around, but if you get the right kind of fruit infuser water bottle you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of tea on the go – as well as having delicious tea infusions, too.
  • Eat the same things over and over again, as this will make shopping a lot easier and preparing meals simple. The success of many people who have a healthy lifestyle is all down to having a collection of easy and healthy recipes that they can repeat over and over again.

Exercise regularly

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This is kind of a no-brainer – and yet many of us still struggle to get enough exercise to stay fit and healthy! It can be as simple as getting incidental exercise like walking to the bus, or it can be organized exercise like a dance class or yoga. No matter what you do you need to make sure you’re getting up and moving at least half an hour every day! This will ensure that you’re staying healthy. It’s also not enough to just walk slowly, either – as your heart muscle needs to have a workout too, so try to get the blood pumping!

No excessive drinking


Again, another one of those ‘no-brainers’ but you’d be surprised how many people just overindulge over and over again and think it’s not that bad. Oftentimes, people truly don’t track how much they drink and so it comes as a surprise to people when they find out how much they really do drink. Consider getting a drink tracking app on your phone, or installing something like Hello Sunday Morning which is an alcohol monitoring program designed to make you reflect on your drinking habits. The benefits from not consuming a lot of empty calories through alcohol will surely be worth it!

Good luck with your journey to a new healthy you, and I hope that you manage to find the right balance of nutrition, exercise, tea, holistic health and balance to achieve your goals. Don’t go too hard when you’re just starting out – as tempting as it may be to go all gung-ho – you just risk burning out and quitting. Nobody wants that! Start slow, with a concerted effort and keep it up.

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