REX Super Brain stimulates the mind with a magnetic field

The general wellbeing of our body is controlled by the brain. Our physical and emotional well-being is all at the mercy of this organ.The brain cells communicate through the brain wave patterns which are divided into four categories depending on the state of mind. These are alpha,beta, theta and delta. All of these are important for making use of the brain to its full potential. Due to the lifestyle that we lead most of us are under continuous stress which can have adverse effects.

Understanding super brain

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Most adults spend are in the beta state which can cause stress.Super brain is a device which helps in the stimulation and creation of alpha,theta and delta waves by making changes in the magnetic field.This brain wave learning device has been developed by Dr Robert O Becker.It makes use of magnetic headband which helps stimulate the three states which help in reducing stress.

The different modes

It has a sleep, learning, meditation and fatigue recovery mode.Sleep mode helps induce sleep and is ideal for lack of sleep and jet lag. Learning mode is for those who need to focus or have poor concentration and wish to improve memory.Meditation mode helps to get rid of anxiety and stress. Fatigue mode is to overcome drowsiness,fatigue and makes one feel rejuvenated.

The proven power of super brain

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Lots of brain devices had to face criticism that they do not give results. But Rex SuperBrain has proven results.In this device instead of sound and light,a magnetic field is being used to stimulate the magnetic field.

It makes use of a very weak magnet. It should be noted that Rex Super brain is not a medical device. The magnet that it uses runs on 1.5-volt battery but it is found to give good results. One can make use of the magnetic field measuring application on the smartphone to check the magnetic fields that are enthused by the device.

Take charge of your brain

The proven power of Rex Super brain helps you get rid of minor problems like stress. This device is very good for research scholars and scientists who need to have high levels of concentrations or for the frequent travellers and people who have jobs of high-stress levels.

Whatever the case it is now possible to get that relaxed feeling with the use of this unique device. This innovative device is simple to operate and very useful and is a unique way of getting relief from stress and getting peace and tranquillity.

Source : Indiegogo.Com

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