Things You Should Know Before Getting Contact Lenses

The invention of the tiny cosmetic circular object known as contacts has been a blessing in disguise for many. Some rely on it to get rid of wearing their spectacles all day long, and every wear even when they are dressed up; and some wear it to have their eye color matched with their prom dress. Whatever the reasons are, there is no doubt that contacts have been a rage ever since they were first floated into the market.

However, wearing contacts is not as easy as it seems. They are an external object that goes into the most sensitive organ of your body, and they require extreme care and caution to be maintained. If you are planning to get contacts for yourself, there are a few things that you should know about so that you can make an informed choice.

Know the Type of Lenses That is Right for You

Getting-Contact-LensesEveryone has a different kind of personality, lifestyle, and schedule. Likewise, a different type of lens require separate maintenance. If you are someone with a casual attitude, forgetful mind, or a hectic work schedule that does not allow you enough time to follow a cleaning regime, you should stick to the daily disposable lenses. These lenses require minimum care, as the name suggests. If you are new to contacts, then it is highly recommended that you go for the daily disposable lenses until you get the hang of it.

If you have some idea and experience about how lenses work and can give time and attention to contacts maintenance, then you are good to go with the conventional lenses.

Take Care of Your Case

Many people get careless towards their lens case, thinking that cleaning the lens itself is enough. This is a serious blunder, and you can end up with an infection. It is essential that you maintain your case and rinse it with hot water. Once you are done rinsing it with water, clean it further with the solution and let it dry. Do not forget to replace your case every three months.

Do Not Sleep With Your Contacts On

Better-Nights-SleepMake sure that you take your lenses off before you go to bed. However, it might happen once in a while that you might end up falling asleep with your lenses on. In such situation, do not take off your lens right after you wake up. Wait for a while, and use a contact lubricant to help them come off quickly. If there are signs of redness, consult your eye physician.

Keep Away From Water

Do not go in the shower or in pools with your contacts on.  People who wear contacts are much more prone to be attacked by microorganisms that live in clean and fresh water, and it can land you in severe trouble and possible vision problems.

The Eye Drops

Eye Drops

Eye drops are an essential part of your eye care regime if you wear contacts regularly. However, you should know that you cannot use just any eye drops available in the market. In fact, some eye drops are not suitable for people who wear contacts. Educate yourself on the different types of eye drops available and let your doctor recommend the best contact eye drops for you.

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