Things You Can Do to Make Indoor Environment Healthier

Make Indoor Environment Healthier

No matter whether you are at your office or at your home, the indoor environment of the place would certainly have a decisive impact on both your physical and mental health. It could lead to problems like the following:

Effects of Poor Quality Indoor Environment

1. Effects on Health

respiratory diseasePoor quality indoor environment is sure to increase the chances of respiratory diseases. It could also increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. In addition, there are several indoor pollutants like dust mites, particulate matter, mold etc. that could also act as triggers for asthma patients.

2. Stuffy Smell

Do you feel like spraying an air freshener the moment you enter your room? Your indoor quality might be the culprit here. In fact, many of the air fresheners aren’t that good either and using them frequently could lead to several health consequences.

3. Fungal Allergies

man suffering from Fungal allergyIf your home is mouldy and humid, you can be sure that bacteria and fungi thrive in the environment. Just like they settle down at the corners of your house, in the same way, they could settle down on your body too. Fungal allergy is a very common result of this.

4. Bad Mood

Of course, a bad mood can have several causes, and poor quality indoor environment is one that you suspect the least. Nevertheless, it could have a decisive impact in worsening effect, as home is the place where you expect to relax and not to get sick in turn.

Just like a sick patient needs home health services, if your home is suffering from any of the above mentioned issues, you need to take the following steps to make your indoor environment healthier.

How to Make Indoor Environment Healthier

1. Ventilation

proper ventilationProvided your outdoor quality isn’t that bad, ventilation is the best way of maintaining proper air quality and elimination contaminants. Including it in your building design is probably the best way to go about it. But even if that isn’t possible, you can leave your door and windows open, if not during the day, at least at night. This would help you greatly.

2. Don’t Smoke Inside

Smoking is dangerous no matter where you smoke, but there’s no way of making things worse than doing it inside. It not only makes you inhale more of the smoke than you might want, it puts literally everyone around at a risk of passive smoking. So, this is one habit that you need to stop right away.

3. Use Air Purifier

woman-using-Air-PurifierIf you live in a bustling metropolitan which has a poor outdoor air quality most of the time, using air purifier is the only option you have.  It helps in removing contaminants from the air and might prove to be supremely beneficial for people suffering from asthma or similar allergies.

4. Keep Garbage Outside

If you don’t even know what all is there inside your house, you definitely don’t know what effect it might be having on your home. Even things like paint bottles could be releasing VOCs into the air, which aren’t very healthy to begin with. In addition, keeping things like everyday garbage inside the house or drying laundry inside could also lead to poor indoor environment. So, the best thing is to keep them away.

Keeping Small Things in Mind

Apart from the above four points, there are also many little things that you should keep in mind. Although your common sense would make them obvious, you should keep your house free from molds, leaks, etc. Keeping your house clean at all times is the best way to achieve all of this.

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