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The social impact of drug abuse on community life

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The impact of drug abuse isn’t only confined to the individuals who abuse drugs, but their effects in most cases go far beyond their own family and friends. The social consequences of drug addiction are intense even for the business and government resources. It’s true that most of these consequences couldn’t be quantified correctly, but the economic cost of drug abuse has been approximated to be around $300 billion.

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The effects of drugs abuse that are manifested within the drug abuse individuals include sickness, ill health and even death. The consequences of a person’s addiction are magnified when they indulge in drug abuse involving intravenous injections. If a person contracts some blood borne disease, this could easily be transferred to the addict’s partners and spouse. This could then initiate a fire that may take down a lot of other individuals of the society.

Diseases like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis are all linked to injection drug abuse. The use of illicit injectable drugs is on a surge in U.S., getting worse by each coming day. And those who have contracted the disease through injection drug abuse also have very less chances of survival as their health is already aggravating and the contraction of a disease makes it even worse.

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The children of the drug-abused individuals are also adversely affected because of their parent’s preoccupation with drugs. Studies prove that individuals who are addicted to drugs would put their drug needs on priority to their children’s health and welfare. Children whose parents are drug addicts usually have to experience emotional and psychical abuse that sometimes even take form of sexual abuse. They are also most of the times deprived of medical care, proper immunizations, dental care, and other necessities like food, water and shelter.

These risks to children of the drug abuse get worse when their parents are the providers of the illegal drugs like methamphetamine. Drugs like the aforementioned are usually manufactured at home using hazardous chemicals like anhydrous ammonia, iodine, hydriodic acid, etc. Children of these drug manufacturers are often tested positive for methamphetamine with effects spreading over both short- and long-term. Also, many of these drug abuse addicts are the consumers of their own manufactured drugs leading them to brutally lethal levels of drug abuse.

Drug abuse is a national issue and requires more attention from the state. Its power and consequences are aggrandizing, but there is still a source of recovery news on which people can rely.

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Let’s talk about the businesses who have drug addicted employees. These firms could face significant fall in productivity, while the drug-abused employees lose their job when they aren’t able to keep up with their work responsibilities. But those who don’t lose their job could put others at risk, where even a slight miscue could lead to some catastrophic damages as is the case of air jobs, train operators, air traffic controllers and so on.

Economically, the businesses have to face losses in terms of stealing of cash, equipment and office supplies; then these employees also have higher insurance and medical benefits bills that also perversely affect businesses financially.

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On the macro levels, the economic consequences of drug-abused individual also drain local, state and federal resources, and inevitably lead to a greater burden on the tax payers.

Methamphetamine laboratories jeopardize not just the health of the individuals through a possibility of drug addiction, but also the safety, as these laboratories are no less than time bombs. There have been numerous reported injuries and deaths as a result of methamphetamine production. And when methamphetamine addicts neglect, abuse and abandon their children, this puts even more burden on the state.

Then there are clean up costs of these methamphetamine laboratories too. The state requires special training for the representatives who have been helping the children exposed to methamphetamine.

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