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What are some effective ways to boost better blood flow? This question has been posed to researchers, scientists, and health practitioners for decades. According to researchers, there are many natural components of a healthy lifestyle that complement blood flow and circulation. Exercise, diet, and stress management are some of the key factors that help better blood circulation. Add Bemer technology to it, as it works in close concert with these positive life choices to further benefit users in achieving increased blood flow.


Bemer therapy is done through the use of a very specific signal carried through various applicators that come with your Bemer device. The results are noticeable and long-lasting. Improved health can be realized by starting with just two 8-minute sessions daily. Bemer devices usage are not independent and exclusive solutions to the “What increases blood flow?” question, but they are a great asset.

Better blood circulation is responsible for supplying nutrients and oxygen to different body parts while disposing of waste products in the process. If you have blood circulation problems (and most people do), you will experience some sort of breakdown, and varying levels of discomfort as a direct result of the decreased supply of oxygen, nutrients, and excess of metabolic waste. And, 75 percent of this process takes place in the smallest blood vessels.

This is where the Bemer devices ability to flex its proverbial circulatory muscle comes in handy.

With Bemer therapy, and the consequential improvement in microcirculation, we almost immediately experience improved blood flow and improved quality of life, while answering the “What increases blood flow?” question.

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