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With the present lifestyle, stress and tensions, a person has the tendency to develop unhealthy habits, which can also lead to weight gain. As much as it is easy to put on weight, it becomes very difficult to lose it. Obesity is a growing concern that can lead to a variety medical problems and conditions. The past few years have seen an increase in the number of obese patients as well as patients who have developed various conditions due to their weight.

Over the years, we have seen a variety of treatments, methods, techniques and procedures that help people to reduce weight. While some techniques and procedures have gained popularity due to their effectiveness, some have yet to prove their results. The new procedures hitting the markets are providing room for obese patients to get a better chance of leading a healthy life.

Introducing the Sewing machine procedure


One of the latest treatments hitting the headlines is the Sewing machine procedure. This method is an effective and safe way for people who do not want to go through an extensive surgery. As per the reports released by researchers, this surgery is a cheap and innovative method that helps obesity patients to lose around 18% of their weight.

An extensive study done by a team of dedicated doctors

This study was headed by Weill Cornell Medical center. New York Prebyterian Hospital’s well-known gastroenterologist named Dr. Reem Sharaiha. During the study, the team that she headed used the procedures on a few patients. During this time, they saw that on an average, around the waste, these patients lost 27 inches. Their overall weight loss was around 17.6%. Between 2013 and 2016, the 91 patients lost a BMI of 32 from 40.7.

What is this procedure all about?

In this procedure, an endoscopic tube is used. On the mouth of the tube, there is a camera attached which helps the gastroenterologist to see what is happening during the procedure. This tube is pushed into the stomach of the patient through the throat of the patient. Considering that this is done orally, this is the reason why, the treatment is said to be free from any surgery.

Before the start of the surgery, the specialist examines the digestive track of the patients to understand their digestion process and their capacity to tighten the stomach. Without any cuts, the stomach is tightened with the help of a few stitches. This helps the patient to lose weight over time. If the patients wants to lose weight faster, they can again go back to retighten their stomach.

The stomach walls are tightened by sewing them close together. This will not only help the patient to get a smaller stomach, however, even the digestion process and hold of food in the stomach will reduce. This procedure lasts for around 40 minutes and has shown some effective results.

The effectiveness of this surgery


Apart from the fact that this method helps to reduce weight, another benefit of opting for this procedure is that it helps in diabetes management. It also protects the patient from developing the various other health concerns that come with obesity.  Considering the fact that there are different kinds of treatments like gastric sleeves, gastric bypass, liposuction etc. this method is surgery free and non-invasive method.

Some other factors to keep in mind

  • If you look at the cost of this surgery in the use, while other procedures can start from $14,500, this procedure is cheaper as the starting cost is around $10,000.
  • If you consider this weight loss procedure, you need to ensure that you maintain a disciplined lifestyle and regimen for your weight loss management.
  • When you look at the total number of weight loss surgeries that took place in the past, studies show that in 2015, the total number of surgery recorded was 196,000. This is in comparison to the numbers of 2011, which were 158,000. During the testing phase of this new procedure, the results showed incredible results in a shorter time.
  • Presently, in the US, there are only 25 centers that offers this procedure. This is because; this procedure is slowly catching up and is yet to gain the attention of patients who are looking out to lose weight.

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