The 3 most promising nursing careers

promising nursing careers

Nurses are the unsung heroes of the medical field. Doctors, surgeons, and specialists often get all the credit. But the hard work, training, and dedication that nurses perform behind the scenes is what shapes a positive patient experience. If you’re considering a career in nursing, the options are vast. Most people automatically think of registered nurses when researching careers and education. And while these nurses are in high demand and extremely popular, there are other avenues to pursue. Here are three nursing positions showing growth and promise in the near future.

1. Mental Health Nurse

Mental Health NurseWith approximately 1 in 5 Americans suffering from mental illness, it’s no surprise that a mental health nurse tops the list as one of the most lucrative nursing careers out there. As a mental health nurse, you’re responsible for assessing a patient’s specific condition. You’ll handle common disorders including bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. You will also diagnose them and have the ability to prescribe necessary medication. Mental health nurses are also known as psychiatric nurse practitioners, or PMHNPs. Mental health nurses must have a registered nursing license, as well as a bachelor’s degree. You can expect to make over $100,000 pursuing this career.

2. Certified Nurse Midwife

 Certified Nurse MidwifeMost people hear the term “midwife” and automatically think of pregnancy. And while certified nurse midwives (CNMs) do help patients throughout their pregnancy and delivery, they also offer generalized care for women. Other responsibilities include family planning, choosing birth control options, and handling postpartum depression. Some women see a CNM for basic gynecological exams, outside of childbirth. But when it does come to labor and delivery, CNMs are trained to perform tasks of both the nurse and doctor, including monitoring the mother’s vitals and delivering the baby safely and naturally. CNMs require a RN license and a bachelor’s of science in nursing. You can also expect to earn over $100,000 in this field. Free nursing CEU can help you achieve your dreams of entering the nursing field.

3. Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric-Nurse.This is another nursing path that surrounds family and children. If you love fixing boo-boos and wiping away tears, this might be the perfect job for you. Pediatric nurses work in offices servicing children from infancy up through teenage years. As the nurse, you greet the patients and are responsible for monitoring the child’s growth and development. This is generally done during the child’s annual well visit. You’ll document this information on the office computer system or iPads. Training for a pediatric nurse may stop at an associate’s degree, but most doctors prefer a bachelor’s degree. The mean annual salary for this field hovers right around $60,000.

Is the thought of attending medical school intimidating? Are you unsure that you’re cut out to be in the operating room? If so, that doesn’t mean you need to give up on your dreams for a career in the medical industry. These three nursing positions offer rewarding experiences and comparable pay.

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