How Sleep Affects Blood Sugar

blood sugar level.

Sleep is very important, but it is underestimated by people today. There is no alternative for sleep. People who are very busy tend to compromise their sleep just to finish what they need to do. Sleep deprivation can cause lots of disadvantages for the body and brain, and for the health in general. It can also affect the blood sugar level. If the blood sugar level is affected, it is can become risky. Did you know that LORNA VANDERHAEGHE GLUCOSMART WITH CHIROSITOL can help with your blood sugar level? You would like to try and see it for yourself. Do not underestimate the power of sleep and its effect on your blood sugar level.

Importance of Sleep:

Sleep deprivation Sleep deprivation can cause a loss of focus. You will notice if you lack of sleep, you will have a hard time thinking straight, and focusing on what you need to do within the day. That is a big disadvantage, because you may not be able to hit your deadlines, and if you are in a meeting and you need to brainstorm, you will probably not be able to provide ideas. You will not be able to finish what you need to do. At this point, you might think that the cause of your sleep deprivation is because you are finishing all that needs to be done and a day is not enough to finish all of it. Sleep deprivation does not actually get compromised by your deadlines and brainstorming, but it is the other way around. Have you ever thought that maybe you will be able to have better ideas if you are sleeping enough?

If sleep deprivation has been your habit, it can be a risk to your overall health. Initial response of the body on sleep deprivation is feeling drowsy and experiencing mood swings – which can lead to the feeling of depression. You will feel deep loneliness for no reason. You will have hard times taking in new information in your mind and to have new ideas. The tendency is you will crave for sweets because your happy hormones are decreasing. This will cause your blood sugar to double up because as you deprive yourself of sleep, your blood sugar increases and then you will crave for sweets. What could possibly happen then? That is a risk on your health for sure. 

Blood Sugar Level on Sleep

blood sugar level.Sleep deprivation can cause chronic stress, which will eventually lead to elevated blood sugar level. As the blood sugar increases, there will be a great risk of diabetes. When you do not sleep well, your metabolism tends to slow down. There were studies that have shown people who are experiencing sleep deprivation have a higher risk of diabetes than people who have at least 8 hours of sleep. If you experience high blood sugar level, it will be harder for you to sleep. It will become a cycle – as you do not get enough sleep, your blood sugar will get high and then you will have a hard time sleeping. You will not be able to get out of the circle.

One of the culprits of gain weight is sleep deprivation. Eight hours of sleep is the time when the body digest the food. If you do not sleep properly, the tendency is the digestive system will not function properly and that results in the slowing of the metabolism. Also if you lack sleep, your tendency is to feel hunger more frequently. You crave for food more often. If you are feeling sleepy, you will feel energy loss, so your tendency is to eat foods that will give you energy such as sweets, ice cream, chocolates, cakes, and candies. This may lead to obesity. Improper sleeping habits will lead to improper eating habits and places higher risk on your health.


Some people might think that there are more important things that need to be done than sleep. It just eats the time instead of working on things that are hitting the deadlines. If this is how you perceive sleep, you need to consider having proper time management instead of compromising your sleep. It is a wrong mindset that sleep will only consume your time, because you really need to find time to sleep. The body needs sleep more than you know and feel. You need to adjust your time management instead of not sleeping properly – like plotting your schedule ahead of time. Always set aside at least 8 hours of your time for sleep. You will see the difference in your health, and even in your mood if you are getting enough sleep. Moreover, the eight hours of sleep should happen at night, because it is the processing time of the digestive system. Do what you need to do in the morning and the 8 hours of your time from night to morning should be for sleeping. If you want to stay healthy and happy, monitor your blood sugar. Monitoring your blood sugar needs proper sleeping habits. Sleep properly and live healthy and long.

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