Testclear publishes guide to Marijuana Detox

Although marijuana is becoming less and less of a legal issue for most individuals and companies, many employers still drug test for marijuana. Testclear, online destination for proven drug testing solutions, recently published a resource to make sure marijuana users have the tools to pass a drug test for jobs where marijuana usage shouldn’t be a hiring factor.

This resource, How to Get Marijuana Out of Your System, informs readers about the basics of marijuana drug testing, what drug tests look for, how long marijuana stays in the body, and how to detox marijuana from your system using natural and chemical methods. It highlights what users must and mustn’t do to pass a marijuana drug test.

In addition, the page is formatted in such a way wherein readers can go directly to the section relevant to them in terms of time frame – pass a drug test in 24 hours, in a week, or in a month.


Complete with videos, charts, tables, and easy-to-understand language, this resource can be a valuable piece for job applicants looking to pass a drug test, employees who want to break free from the fear of random drug testing, and other users who want to stay clean.

Testclear, thus, has been helping people beat drug tests for over 7 years. They have been providing tested solutions, proven THC detox products and drug testing kits to pass any urine, saliva, and hair test for pre-employment, random, military, and even supervised drug tests.

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