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Asthma Symptoms

Asthma: Symptoms Top Symptoms 1. Shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing The main signs of asthma are wheezing and shortness of breath. Since the airways are inflamed and obstructed, there is difficulty in breathing. Greater effort needs to be expended …

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Cataracts Symptoms

Cataracts: Symptoms Top Symptoms 1. Appearance of spots in vision Some of the cataract patients start complaining about seeing dark spots before their eyes, even though there are none in reality. This is due to the imbalance in the amount …

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Heart Disease Symptoms

Heart Disease: Symptoms Top Symptoms 1. Heart palpitations Irregular and rapid heartbeats or skips are experienced by the patient and this unusual awareness of the heartbeat is the most common symptoms referred to as palpitations. Palpitations are the most common …

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Conjunctivitis Symptoms

Conjunctivitis: Symptoms Top Symptoms 1. Excessive tearing Excessive tearing is more common when the conjunctivitis is due to allergies, or viral action. Allergies like hay fever, pollen, etc., can trigger conjunctivitis and excessive tearing along with running and itchy nose. …

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