Smoking: Debunking the killer myths

Smoking Debunking the killer myths

It would be fair to say that the term “killer” is often overused. In the context of today’s article, it’s completely relevant though.

In short, the statistics about smoking are bordering on terrifying. This is something that is still killing millions of people each and every year, regardless of all of the incentives that the authorities try and promote.

One of the (many) reasons why it’s so hard to crush down the number of people turning to cigarettes is because of the misinformation that exists about the habit. This is what today’s article is going to focus on, as we decipher some of the key myths that you need to immediately forget when it comes to smoking.

1. “It’s too late to quit smoking”

It's too late to quit smokingThis is one of the more interesting myths. We have all heard about the terrible implications that smoking has on our health and armed with this knowledge, a lot of us feel like the damage is already done.

Well, there is hope – and quitting journey is a big step forward. As soon as you smoke your last cigarette, your body starts to repair some of this damage. Some of these improvements will be completely noticeable as well and many people, for example, find that it’s actually much easier to breathe. Within a year, the chances of you suffering from some of the terrible diseases associated with smoking will be gone.

2. “Nicotine replacement therapy is bad for me”

Nicotine gets a lot of press and in some ways, it’s rightly so. After all, this is the addictive compound in cigarettes and if it wasn’t there, there’s every chance that you wouldn’t be smoking in the first place.

Even though it’s addictive, it’s not directly harmful to your health. Carbon monoxide and tar are two substances that take this mantle, so nicotine replacement problems really shouldn’t concern you. In fact, to make your journey easier, we would even recommend you turn to something like a menthol e liquid to see the difference that it makes.

3. “My weight will increase”

My weight will increase

First and foremost, not everyone who gives up smoking is going to see their weight increase. It can happen, but this is because of the nicotine effect. This substance will suppress your appetite – meaning that many of us will feel the need to turn to food much more often.

Bearing this in mind, giving up smoking isn’t a direct cause of weight gain. It’s how you react that matters and if you can keep to a healthy diet with exercise, weight gain shouldn’t concern you.

4. “It’s safer to turn to hand-rolled tobacco”

This is something that seems to have surged in popularity over recent times, but don’t believe all of the hype about hand-rolled tobacco. In short, it’s still incredibly dangerous and if some studies are to be believed, your body will now be subjected to over 4,000 toxic chemicals.

Nicotine and tar levels also tend to be higher in these cigarettes so if you’re looking for an alternative, don’t look here.

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