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Pregnancy Survival: Stress Relief Tips for Expecting Mothers

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Stress Relief Tips for Expecting Mothers

Congratulations! You’ve recently discovered you’re pregnant. Whether you’re expecting your first or second (or fifth!) child, the pregnancy experience can sometimes be stressful. Although preparing for your little one is exciting, it’s also extremely overwhelming. With only 9 months to prepare your home and yourself for your new addition, it’s important to remain calm and plan ahead. Keep reading for some pregnancy survival tips that will reduce your stress and help you enjoy every moment of your pregnancy.

Think of Your Baby

Think-of-Your-BabyWe already know that stress is bad for adults. Stress can cause a long list of health complications from headaches and ulcers to insomnia and even heart attacks. But stress is equally as harmful to your unborn child. Your baby feels and experiences everything you do, which is why doctors advice pregnant women to avoid alcohol, nicotine, and all illegal drug use. Everything you do while pregnant directly affects your baby. And that includes stress. Every time you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, your heart pounding, or you have difficulty breathing, stop. Place your hand on your stomach and think of the tiny life inside you. That baby needs you to be calm and happy. Sit down and take a break using several deep breaths. If you can, avoid stressful situations or remove yourself from whatever’s stressing you out.

Pamper Yourself

Not only should you recognize signs of stress and address them immediately, but expecting mothers should take time to reduce stress and pamper themselves. Self-care is important during every stage of life, and this is especially true during pregnancy. Do you enjoy reading or sitting outside with a cup of hot tea? Take time to continue doing the things you love. This might include different forms of exercise like prenatal yoga or walking. Most pregnant women can continue their normal fitness routine with slight modifications. Other ways to keep your inner peace and balance include meditation, mindfulness, and even acupuncture during pregnancy.

Eat Right and Exercise

Eat-Right-and-ExerciseAll too often, women use pregnancy as a reason to gain an unhealthy amount of weight. Yes, while it’s okay to indulge yourself in some of your favorite snacks and treats that you might normally avoid, you still need to maintain a healthy, balanced diet for both you and your little one. A diet rich in nutrients and vitamins will keep you healthy and strong for delivery and bring your baby into this world on a positive note! A healthy diet will prevent you from overindulging in high-fat foods filled with sugar. These can leave you feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and stressed out over poor choices. Prenatal vitamins are another essential part of any expecting mother’s nutritional program. These vitamins are specifically designed to help your baby’s mind and body develop.

Light exercise and remaining active is also important throughout your pregnancy. Walks around the block and light household chores are perfect — just avoid using strong chemicals that might compromise your breathing. Exercise is known to reduce stress and boost your mood thanks to the endorphins your body releases. Another added bonus of exercise is warding off feelings of postpartum depression. Consult your doctor before starting any new exercise regime.

With all the emotions and hormones that accompany pregnancy, it’s no surprise that some expecting mothers are left feeling stressed. But keeping these feelings in check and taking steps to reduce stress are the best thing for both mommy and baby.

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