3 Reasons People Avoid Seeing a Dentist

Reasons People Avoid Seeing a Dentist

A shocking 75% of American adults admit to having dentophobia — or fear of the dentist. And of that group, another 5-10% actually avoid seeing the dentist due to this fear. But there are other reasons that stop patients from making that very important annual checkup with their dentist. Curious as to what they are? Keep reading to find out five of the top reasons people avoid the exam room at all costs!

1. High Cost

High CostFor some people, it’s all about the money. Many health insurance companies offer some form of dental coverage for basic and routine cleanings, but not all. And even those that do, the plans aren’t always the greatest. Fear of a hefty dental bill is enough to keep many people out of the exam chair. The problem is, if you have a serious dental issue and put it off, the damage will only get worse. And a more complicated oral condition will require even more extensive dental work, which means a higher bill! In most cases, it’s in your best interest to see a dentist as soon as a problem arises (aside from routine cleanings), to avoid further complications and higher costs.

2. Fear of Extra Dental Work

Maybe the routine cleaning doesn’t scare you, but it’s the idea of a root canal, cavity, or other more invasive dental work that strikes fear in your heart. After all, routine cleanings are relatively easy, quick, and painless. The dental hygienist will clean tartar and plaque from your teeth using a small mirror and pick. While this can cause some gum bleeding, depending on your sensitivity level, it’s a simple and very common procedure. The hygienist will then use an electric powered cleaner to thoroughly clean your teeth. Lastly, the dentist will check your teeth and mouth for any cavities or abnormalities. Of course, if you have an issue, the dentist will recommend treatment. While you don’t need to have the issue rectified, it’s strongly suggested that you do. Speak to your dentist about any sedation options they offer. This will help make any necessary dental work painless and stress-free!

3. Can’t Find a Dentist They Like

Find a DentistFinding a doctor or dentist that you trust, like, and feel comfortable with can prove difficult. You should use a dentist whose personality matches yours. These dental demographics explain exactly how important the dentist-patient relationship is. Not only that, but the office staff should be pleasant, helpful, and accommodating. No one wants to feel inconvenienced or deal with rude staff when visiting a professional office. And your dentist’s office should be no different. Is the facility clean and welcoming? Is scheduling easy? What types of hours does the office have and do they offer emergency services? These are all questions to consider when choosing a family dentist. But it’s also important not to be overly picky or skeptical. This could be your way of avoiding the dentist, after all, if you can’t find one you like, how can you go? Remember, you’re only hurting yourself by adopting this mentality.

It’s time to put your fears aside and put your health first. Some people don’t realize how much dental hygiene affects other aspects of their health. Oral issues can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and even dementia! So save the excuses and make an appointment today.

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