Pre-marital medical checkups would-be couple should take for a healthy married life

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Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged one, it is essential that you should know some basic things about your partner. While it is good to know their likes and dislikes, one should not forget that there is more than that. Today, with our lifestyle being so different, we need to ensure that we are in the best of our health.

There is so much to do before the big day; from choosing the best wedding venue in Delhi or handling various wedding related chores.  It is also important that you have to undergo a pre-marital medical checkup. This will also help you and your partner to understand how your individual health can affect your overall married life.

Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV

HIVWhile many people may react differently to this particular test; but it is indeed the most essential test that a person should take regularly. We all know that there are various ways of how people can be infected with HIV or various sexually transmitted diseases. It is important that you should be aware if your partner is infected so that you can take the necessary precautions and preventive measures to prevent yourself from being infected.

Thalassemia test

Considering that this is a blood disorder that many people inherit, it is essential that you and your partner should know if any of you have this problem.  This will also let you know the chances of your child developing / inheriting it. You will also get to know how serious the condition may be just in case one of you has it.

Fertility test for both

fertility testPost marriage, there will come a point of time when you and your partner will plan to start a family. By undergoing a fertility test, it will help you to understand if there will be any complications of conceiving in the future. It will also help you to understand if you have to undergo any treatment before you actually plan to have a family.

TORCH test

Although this test is generally recommended to pregnant women; but you can surely consider taking one even before your wedding. The reason why this test is essential is that it helps to detect various diseases that can prove to be fatal for your child, especially during your pregnancy. It also lets a woman know what kind of infections her child may be prone to genetically.

Blood, urine and stool test

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We all undergo these basic tests regularly. Before your marriage, you should defiantly take this test. As much as it is important to choose one of the best wedding venue in Delhi, you also have to ensure that you are at the best of your health to enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

Stress test and ECG

During the wedding time, the bride and groom undergo a lot of stress. Along with that, there is no control over the diet since you have so many rituals and customs. These tests will help you to understand your stress levels and the quality of your heart.

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