Pets: The Ultimate Stress Therapy

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Do you know what TYDTWD is? This tongue-twisting acronym stands for Take Your Dog to Work Day, celebrated in the U.S., Australia, and several other countries since 1999. It takes place on the third Friday in June, and employees are encouraged to bring their furry companions to the office. The aim of this event is to promote adoption from local shelters, as well as to increase productivity at work and liven up a rigid business environment. Besides being super cute, pets are also great anti-stress therapy, and numerous research studies have backed up this claim.

Besides being stressful, our hectic lives tend to be pretty sedentary, which heavily affects our physical and mental health. Dog owners highly benefit from the fact that they simply have to squeeze at least two walks a day into their busy schedules, thus getting some exercise. Stress and depression are one of the most common mental health issues of the 21st century and according to experts, one of the most important methods of fighting them is physical activity, and that’s where getting a dog comes in to motivate you to grab a leash and take him to the park. Even if you wouldn’t do it for your own sake, there’s another creature that you need to look after.

Say goodbye to loneliness

goodbye to loneliness

A recent research study has shown that loneliness has turned into an epidemic as the number of Americans who say that they have zero close friends has almost tripled since 1985. There are numerous factors that lead to these shocking results, but the point is that pets can significantly improve the quality of life of people who feel isolated or lonely. Not only will they keep their owners company and make them happy, but they can also encourage interactions with other pet owners.

Unconditional love

Your pet loves you unconditionally. Who else is waiting for you to come back from work, jumping for joy, and showing you affection? To your cat or dog, you’re the most important being in the whole world, and you can be sure that they won’t judge you no matter how bad you were during your job interview, and they don’t care even if you gained weight. Similarly, by looking after your pet, and providing for him, you’re becoming a better and more responsible person. There are even many people who eat junk food themselves, but when it comes to their fur babies, they get only premium Royal Canin dog food.

The joy of grooming

my friend

When you’re tense and stressed out, your blood pressure rises, which is bad for your heart. Numerous studies have shown that owning a dog or a cat can lower your blood pressure and improve your general well-being. For example, grooming your cat or dog has a soothing and calming effect on your nerves, sincewhile you’repetting that warm, fuzzy, soft fur helps release oxytocin, thus lowering your blood pressure and levels of cortisol. Additionally, while your cat purrs, it creates vibrations within a frequency range of 25-150Hz, which is known for its therapeutic benefits. Namely, this frequency is used in treatment for bone growth, reducing pain, muscle sprain, wounds, edema, and similar problems, which means that your purring cat has some serious healing powers.

Lend me your ear

Sometimes you just need a shoulder to cry on, and believe it or not, your pets can be great listeners. You can share everything with them, and you can be sure that all your secrets will be safe with them. People can be judgmental, so if you’re afraid to tell your hopes, dreams, and worries to somebody else, your cat or dog can be a perfect BFF that will patiently listen to you. Although this may sound a bit ridiculous, the point is to say your thoughts out loud and to elaborate on your ideas, as that will put everything into a new perspective.

So, if you feel lonely, depressed, or stressed out, consider adopting a pet to bring some joy and comfort into your life.

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