Easy ways to prevent your nails from peeling and splitting


A damaged nail not only looks ugly but also reduces your confidence levels to a vast extent. There are so many factors and reasons why your nails may be damaged. What makes it worse is that to regain the original form and strength, it takes a long time. Well now, you do not have to worry about this problem anymore. Here are a few hacks that can help you treat the problem from the root, so that you never face it again.

Olive oil to regain the strength


The various benefits of olive oil are not hidden from us, well now you can use it to take care of your thin and weak nails. In this treatment, all you have to do is to soak your nails in a bowl of extra virgin oil for 10-15 minutes every day. You will see a difference in your nails within a fortnight or a month depending on their condition.

Cuticle creams can help in strengthening your nails

Another good way to regain the strength of your nails is by using a cuticle cream. This will help in nourishing them and in providing your damaged, brittle and dry nails with the necessary Vitamin E that they need. You can do this every night before you go to sleep.

Wearing gloves while doing household work

cleaning home

The chemicals in the various cleaning agents can often result in dry and damaged nails. One of the easiest ways to protect your nails from the chemicals is by wearing gloves. This is essential while you are washing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom or doing any other chore that requires the use of cleaning agents.

Tea bags can work miracles

Tea bags have various benefits, not only do they make a perfect way to take care of your puffy and tired eyes, but you can also use them to strengthen your nails.  For this nail treatment, before you use a teabag, it is recommended that you take a transparent nail polish first and apply a protective coating of it on your nails. Then you can use the tea bag and pat your nails lightly for a few minutes. After that, you can apply the nail polish that you love and let it be.

Scotch tape for your nails


Scotch tape is not just a quick fix to paste things, but now you can also take care of broken nails with it. This easy and unique technique will give your nails a nice look. In this idea, you just need to cut the scotch tape and stick that over your nails. Then you can cover it by using a nail polish. This is a good quick fix if you have to rush to a party and do not have time for a manicure.

Band-aid as a temporary fix of broken nails

You can use a band-aid to take care of your damaged or broken nails, it’s a unique and a good fix. In this beauty hack, you need to take a band-aid and cut it into small pieces and place it over your nails. Then taking a nail filer, and smoothen the nails. Once you have smoothed your nails take your favorite nail polish and apply it over your nails. You are all set to go.

Biotin creams can give your nail a nice shine and look


A natural complex that you will find in meat, milk, legumes, nuts and eggs, Biotin contains Vitamin E and fatty acids, which are perfect for your nails apart from your skin and hair. One of the reasons why you nails may be weak is due to the lack of vitamins in your body. Just by eating these few foods, you can give your nails the nourishment that they need to regain their strength. Another way to give your nails the strengthening is by using creams that are rich in Biotin.

A nailbrush can do the trick

Who would have ever thought that a simple nailbrush could work miracles? Well now, you can take care of all the dirt under your nails by cleaning them regularly. The nailbrush will also help you to regain the strength of your nails by brushing away the dead cells around your broken and spilt nails.

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